BGIS 2024 The Grind Finals Date: Schedule, Fixtures, and More Details Know Here!

BGIS 2024 finals date
BGIS 2024 finals date leak, known here the schedules, upcoming matches, and other details. | Credit: Krafton India Esports.

BGIS 2024 is currently running with 256 invited teams, divided into 16 groups, and each week eight groups compete in their respective group with the squad. Week one and two matches were ended in which all teams participated and showcased their full potential. These weekend matches took place on four days in a week and included six matches every team participated in three matches according to their groups. As the first two weeks of matches are completed and overall point standings are released the top scorer team is Team Soul with 68 total points. 

In this article, we discuss the upcoming update on the BGIS 2024 finals date, Schedules, and more. Alongside the list of the top 10 teams in the overall competition in India’s one of the biggest Esports series conducted by BGMI.

BGIS 2024 Finals Date & Schedule

Following the week 1 and 2 matches schedules and the time we can easily figure out the BGSI 2024 finals date, as the competition took place between which splits into groups. Starting from the 4th of April 2024, which around invited well-known teams to challenge each other in different maps and gaming modes in battleground Mobile India. 

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In week 1 several in-game map fights ended on the four days, and similar in the second round, so we expect the final competition is start on May 2, 2024. This is just a calculated date that we have come up with in the BGIS 2024 The Grind series. But not sure about the confirmed date as it is not revealed by the Krafton right now.

The third-week matches are going to be started with the same teams in different groups and this is also a two-week set format based on the initial once in the tournament. As the BGIS 2024 finals date is not revealed but it is published the top 64 teams on the total point standings will fight for the trophy and prize money.

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BGIS 2024 Week -1&2: Top 10 Teams on TPS

Here are the top most scorer teams on the point table of the series, every team shows full competitiveness and skills during the matches. As above mention Team Soul has the highest point scorer in the overall matches, with excellent performance they end up in this position in the BGIS 2024. The second and third positions are held by the CRATIC ESPORTS and Hyderabad Hydas with 56 and 55 points on the table. Know more teams that made up to top ten list So, results are released by the developer, check here:

#1. IQOO Soul


#3. Hyderabad Hydas.



#6. Team Insane.

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#9. Megastars Gaming



BGIS 2024 The Grind, This is stated in April month with the dynamic teams that compete in the different formats of the matches during the tournament. All teams compete with each other in the first two weeks and results are also revealed by the Krafton. So it’s time for another two weeks of fights between the same invited teams but now in different groups.

The upcoming series competition is designed similarly to the initial one in this also top scorer of 64 teams came out which is going to be seen in the last competition matches. The BGIS 2024 finals date has not been revealed by the official Krafton India Esports but as per the calculation, we came up we a date which is just an assumption. So, whenever it is released we will pass this information on to you.