BGIS 2024 The Grind Day 3: Team, Match Schedule, And Where To Watch

BGIS 2024 Day 3
BGIS 2024 Day 3, here are all the details such as teams in each group, match schedule, and other. | Credit: Krafton Indian Esports

BGMI’s most popular India esports series started on 04 April 2025 and this is the first week of the series filled up with phenomenal teams there are eight present against each other and fighting to get victory in the matches and want to hold the top position in the BGIS 2024. Came up with the BGIS 2024 day 3 updates, in which again two groups of 16 teams participate among the overall 256.

Now, as the Group -1,2,3 & 4 competition is done each group has the one highest total point standings holder. Additionally, every group participates in the three matches that take place in different in-game maps such as Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. Now, chew over the BGIS 2024 Day 3 of the first-week team, match schedules, and more details here!

BGIS 2024 Day 3 – Teams 

Here are the overall 32 teams which are divided into two major groups – Group 5 and Group 6, today we will find who gets the maximum TPS in each.

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Group 5 Group 6
  1. CS Esports
  2. Chemin Esports
  3. Lunatic Esports
  4. PI Dominators
  5. Reckoning Esports
  6. Only Finishes
  7. Black LPI Dominators
  8. TCW Official
  9. X7 Official
  10. G2 Battleground
  11. FFC Esports
  12. Team Rush
  13. Team E4L
  14. Sepoy Mutiny
  15. JUX Esports
  16. Young Blood
  1. Team Insane
  2. Stellar Titans
  3. Aim Gaming
  4. No1 Esports
  5. Windgod Esports
  6. Star Players
  7. Cosmic Ravager
  8. Team Empire
  9. Claw Xxpirat Esports
  10. United Soul
  11. Detonaion Gaming
  12. Team INS
  13. Metal Wings
  14. Nigma Rising
  15. L2 Officials
  16. Zgdx Gaming


BGIS 2024 Day 3: Match Schedule 

The BGIS 2024 Day 3 Group – 4 & 5, different maps and match timing are here and don’t miss the matches to get thrilling series experiences. Here we divide both groups’ matches by mentioning the format of the game.

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Group -5

  • Match -1: Erangel (3:38 pm IST)
  • Match -2: Miramar (4:18 pm IST)
  • Math -3: Sanhok (4:58 pm IST)

Group -6

  • Match -4: Erangel (5:39 pm IST)
  • Match -5: Miramar (6:19 pm IST)
  • Math -6: Sanhok (6:59 pm IST)

BGIS 2024 Day 3: Where to Watch

Enjoy the BGIS 2024 live on the official YouTube channel of Krafton India Esports, at 3:30 pm every day with the amazing commentator where you can get exciting match updates and overall performance highlights. This is the third day of the first week of the BGIS 2024, in which it is interesting to see how the players compete with others and who stand out in challenges. 


Interesting! As the third day has arrived and as by involute the last two days it seems like the teams did some great joys in these days. On BGIS 2024 The Grind day one group – 1 & 2 performed very well in which team Blind Esports and Cratic Esports grabbed the top position in the point standings respectively. On day two another two groups participated in three matches on a variety of maps and each group got the highest points chicken dinners were Dream Team Esports and Hyderabad Hydras.

Now, it is time to see BGIS 2024 Day 3 who celebrate the victory and got the winning chicken dinner on 6 April 2024 and hold the topmost position in the point standings table. Connected with us to know the results.