Best Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire
06/03/2023/ Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire / Image via moroesports

When it comes to giving players free Free Fire diamonds rewards and the number of possibilities provided for character customization, Garena‘s Free Fire is undoubtedly one of the greatest battle royale games out there for mobile devices.

One of the greatest ways to stand out in the battle royale arena is to spend in-game diamonds on special skins, incentives, bundles, weapons, vehicle skins, and characters.

Diamonds serve as a more expensive type of in-game money. So, you would often have to spend money on top-up events if you wanted to earn some diamonds. Hence, with this article, we’ll provide three free ways for you to acquire some of those elusive premium diamonds in Free Fire.

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Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

1. Google Opinion Rewards

By just giving your opinion, you may guarantee yourself free diamonds for the battle royale game using the Google Opinion Rewards app. In essence, it’s a survey software that rewards you for giving your opinions with Google Play Credits or iTunes Gift Cards.

Both Android and iPhone users may download the Google Survey Monitor app. You may gain some diamonds in the game for no cost by using your earned Google Credits.

2. Poll Pay App

Using Poll Pay, users may earn free diamonds in Free Fire or Free Fire Max by just completing activities and quizzes, much like the Google Survey Monitor app does. Users may earn cash incentives, which they may then transfer to their Google Play or iTunes gift card balance.

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It’s crucial to remember that Free Fire purchases cannot be completed via the Apple App Store. As a result, buying Free Fire diamonds using iTunes gift cards is not possible for iPhone users.

3. Redeem Codes

Using redemption coupons, which Garena routinely distributes during events and esports competitions, is the simplest method to get some free diamonds. You must complete the following easy steps after obtaining one of these redemption codes to receive your Free Fire diamonds:

  • Step 1: Open your web browser and navigate to the official Free Fire Rewards redemption page.
  • Step 2: Log in using one of your social network accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple ID.
  • Step 3: Enter your redemption code after logging in and click the Confirm button. Within 24 hours, the incentives will be credited to your account.
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Please be aware that Free Fire redemption codes are only valid for a short time and usually expire after 24 hours.

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