Apex Legends Update 2.36: Bug Fixes Arrive

Apex Legends Update
13/10/2023 | The Apex Legends update 2.36 addresses recent crash issues. Full patch notes are coming soon, with bug fixes and stability improvements. | Credits: Apex Legends

In the world of Apex Legends, a recent update left players frustrated due to game-crashing issues. However, Respawn Entertainment swiftly addressed the situation, releasing a patch to rectify the problem. Now, they have launched yet another update, but without the promise of new content, players are curious about what this patch entails.

A Recap of the Crash in Apex Legends Update

Just last week, Apex Legends players across all platforms experienced a major problem after an update. The issue was a game-crashing bug, particularly occurring when players attempted to access their in-game statistics. After the update, players hoped to check out their performance and see how they stacked up in the battle royale, but instead, they were met with crashes. Understandably, this caused frustration among the player base.

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In response to this critical issue, Respawn Entertainment rapidly delivered a second patch to fix the problem. Players breathed a sigh of relief as their games became stable again.

What to Expect in Today’s Apex Legends Update

Today’s update does not bring new content or exciting in-game features; it primarily focuses on bug fixes. Despite the absence of new content, players are eager to see the patch notes to learn about the issues Respawn has addressed.

The official patch notes for the Apex Legends 2.36 update are not yet available. However, players are expecting Respawn to release them shortly. In the meantime, the developer has already outlined several problems they aim to resolve in an upcoming patch, as detailed on the official Apex Legends Trello board.

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Some of the prominent issues include:

  • Button Prompt Disappearance: Players encountered a problem where button prompts wouldn’t appear on the summary or death screen. This issue also affected the report button.
  • Visual Artifacts: There were occasional visual artefacts linked to Legends and weapons, particularly on DX12/RHI for AMD users.

Under the “investigating” category on the Trello board, there are several other issues listed. These are problems that Respawn acknowledges but might not fix in this particular update. They include:

  • Stuttering at High FPS: Players who run the game at high frame rates (165+) experienced stuttering during specific gameplay scenarios.
  • Legend Rotation Glitch: A bug caused Legends to rotate when exiting a Trident.
  • Loading Crashes: Players reported crashes that reference “FS_CheckAsyncRequest” when loading into a map.
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The content of the 2.36 update hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. However, as soon as Respawn Entertainment releases the full patch notes, the community will be informed of all the improvements and fixes. Apex Legends players can anticipate an update focused on stability and gameplay experience enhancements.

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