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Prime Gaming India
06/12/2022 | The wait is over for Indian gamers. Prime Gaming is soon to be released in India. | Credits: Twitter

Amazon Prime Gaming has blessed game enthusiasts around the world with a stable month-to-month determination of games. However, it has been absent in a handful of countries, along with India, in a way at least. Now, it appears as the e-commerce large would possibly sooner or later be making the push past cellphone video games for Prime Gaming subscribers in India, by the latest events.

Keen-eyed customers have noticed a company’s new web page with an assertion proclaiming that PC video games have in the end arrived in the region. However, clicking on the banner led them to nowhere, suggesting that it would possibly be a work-in-progress project.

What Does This Mean for Indian Amazon Prime Gaming Subscribers?

Amazon Prime Gaming for PC coming to India potentially has nothing but accurate information in a nutshell. The full declaration on the web page reads:

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“Prime Gaming is now in India. With Prime Gaming [included with your Prime membership] release immediately gets admission to lots of content material for your favored video games and a rotating gathering of PC games… every month.”

Unfortunately, the hyperlink no longer appears to work yet. Clicking on it leads customers returned to the error display screen that many are acquainted with so far: “It appears like you are in an unsupported country.” All are due in exact time, we hope. Below this banner, one of the highlights can be viewed reiterating the section where subscribers will get hold of codes for everlasting copies of games.

So far, the provider has furnished get entry to some noteworthy PC video games in different regions. These consist of Dead Space 2, Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and more. The modern lineup for contributors consists of the acclaimed FPS Quake. All of these titles are redeemable on digital storefronts like Steam as they are reachable by way of digital codes.

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While this perk is presently out of Indian gamers’ reach, matters are probable to alternate soon. While Amazon Prime Gaming is technically handy for Indian players, it is one-of-a-kind to the smartphone gaming aspect of things. Subscribers acquire in-game rewards like consumables and cosmetics, for example. This change, if it comes to pass, will be a long way greater sizable and impactful as will convey Indian customers on par with different regions.


While it is proper that cellphone gaming has the top hand in phrases of recognition in India, this design would make the subscription even greater rewards for the developing PC gaming crowd. It stays to be viewed if this addition will purpose Amazon to tweak the pricing of its modern-day subscription model. With all that said, a reliable announcement may be due very soon.

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