Agent Varun Batra: Valorant’s Potential Indian Origin Agent

Valorant Agent 21
Agent Varun Batra: Valorant’s Potential New Agent

Agent Varun Batra: Valorant’s Potential Indian Agent? There are now 19 characters in the game, and based on the available information, another one might be added. Agents are Valorant’s main support system. Every single one of them has special skills that they can employ to their benefit on every single battlefield. To make Valorant more diverse, Riot Games intends to expand the roster. What skills this new Agent develops will be intriguing to observe.

Varun Batra could be a new Agent in the future, according to the details revealed in the email in Range. This person can be Indian-born, as the name implies. Brimstone received this information through Fade. She referenced Varun Batra from Omega Earth, an expert in antiquities who worked with Legion, in the email. The duty of stealing the Radianite from Alpha Earth has been assigned to the Legion of Omega Earth.

Valorant’s Potential Indian Origin Agent Varun Batra

According to modern lore, REALM, a multinational business that deals in reclaiming antiquities from the illegal market, is employing Alpha Earth’s, Varun Batra. Both Varun Batras are experts in antiquities, but it’s not apparent if Omega Earth has a REALM as well.

The callsign and set of abilities of Varun Batra are presently unknown. He’d probably be a Controller or a Sentinel, at least to some extent. Neon is a duelist, and she was added just before Fade, so that possibility can be ruled out as well.

This Agent has received teasing in the past as well. A Glimpse of the agent was also seen in the  Episode 5 Act 1 teaser tagging along with Viper. A few reasonable estimates concerning Varun’s talents in Valorant can be made if he is the person who appeared in the video. He has experience with explosives, as seen in the video. He might be able to use a breach charge as one of his skills and a grenade launcher as another.

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