A Guide on How to Counter Strafing Effectively in Valorant

Counter Strafing
26/11/2022 | Counter strafing can be very effective in Valorant if done in the right way. | Credits: YouTube

Valorant is one of the most aggressive tactical shooters in the market today. Released lower back in 2020. The title’s recognition has skyrocketed recently. Within such a brief period. The recreation has managed to garner a devoted fanbase and a lively aggressive circuit. There are a lot of approaches in which gamers can get higher at Valorant. From training aims to potential lineups, there are quite a few components that gamers want to take into account to get appropriate at the game. However, strafing is a mechanic that gamers frequently forget about in the game.

What is Counter Strafing in Valorant?

Counter strafing in Valorant can be referred to as the act of rapidly switching instructions whilst moving. When a man or woman says they’re strafing, it’s capacity that they’re transferring sideways rather than shifting forward. When a participant constantly modifies their course whilst transferring sideways. This method is recognized as counter-strafing.

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For example, a participant would possibly press the D-key to go to the proper and then right away press the A-key to cross to the left. Not solely do gamers right now shift their direction, but, they can additionally precisely land a few pictures in the brief span throughout which they exchange their direction.

Is Counter Strafing Effective?

When it comes to shooters like Valorant, there may be constantly been a debate about the effectiveness of counter-strafing. Many think about it to be a waste of time, however, those who’ve been capable to grasp it accept it as true that their headshot percentages have elevated due to the fact of it.

Apart from this, being capable of counter strafe tops can assist gamers to peek corners and shoot greater precisely at the identical time. Valorant has a lot of maps that have some honestly tight and blind corners, making it very tough for gamers to peek besides risking elimination. Counter-strafing works wonders in these situations. It is not a must-have skill. However, it is appropriate to comprehend a trick or two in Valorant.

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Benefits of Counter Strafing

Those who are acquainted with first-person shooters will comprehend that motion normally impacts their goal in a game. The quicker a participant moves, the greater tough it is to goal accurately. The bullet unfolds additionally and will increase substantially when on the move.

In such cases, counter-strafing ensures that gamers get to be as correct as they are whilst they’re stationary. For counter strafing to work, players will have to right now swap instructions whilst strafing. When a participant switches their route whilst counter-strafing, there may be a very small window in which they do now not go at all.

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During this span, the subsequent one or two bullets fired will be highly accurate. If gamers manipulate to land a headshot at some stage in this quick window, they will be capable to kill their enemy easily. However, getting the timing proper and being in a position to intention precisely are principal elements here. Overall, counter strafing is a fascinating method that can assist gamers in substantially enhancing their recreation sense, however, it does require a lot of exercises to master.

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