A Complete Fortnite Guide for Absolute Beginners

Fortnite Guide
20/10/2023 | Embark on a Fortnite journey with me – a beginner’s Fortnite guide. Learn essential tips for new players, from landing spots to combat strategies. | Credits: Fortnite

As a total newbie to Fortnite, I felt both excited and anxious when I first dropped onto the island. The world of battle royale games was foreign to me, but I was eager to dive in and learn how to play. In this article, I’ll share my journey and some essential tips for those who, like me, are absolute beginners in Fortnite.

Getting Started with Fortnite Guide

When I first launched Fortnite, I was greeted by a chaotic and colourful menu. The game’s interface can be overwhelming at first, but I quickly found my way around. I started with the tutorial, which is a fantastic way to get a feel for the controls and mechanics of the game. The tutorial covers basic movements, building, and combat – essential skills for surviving on the island.

Fortnite Guide: Choosing the Right Landing Spot

Once I felt comfortable with the controls, it was time to jump into a real match. Before the match, I had to choose a landing spot. I decided to avoid the more popular areas to increase my chances of survival. As I descended onto the island, I kept an eye out for nearby structures and resources.

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Fortnite Guide: Gathering Resources

Fortnite is as much about building as it is about combat, and resources play a crucial role in both. I began smashing objects to collect wood, brick, and metal. These materials are used for building structures and are essential for defence.

Fortnite Guide: Finding Weapons and Gear

Weapons are scattered all over the island, and I soon discovered that finding a reliable one is vital for survival. In my early games, I picked up any weapon I could find, but I soon realized that having a few well-chosen firearms was more effective than a cluttered inventory. I learned that shotguns are excellent for close encounters, while assault rifles are versatile and suited for various situations.

Fortnite Guide: Mastering the Art of Building

Building is what sets Fortnite apart from other battle royale games. Initially, I struggled to build anything other than a simple wall. But with practice, I began to understand the importance of quick and effective building. I learned to build ramps for mobility and walls for protection.

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Fortnite Guide: Combat and Strategy

Engaging in combat is where the real excitement and challenge lie in Fortnite. At first, I was hesitant and often panicked during battles. But with each game, I grew more confident. I discovered the importance of maintaining the high ground in a fight and using structures as cover. Fortnite’s vibrant weapons and gadgets added an extra layer of strategy to the game. Experimenting with different load-outs was key to finding a playstyle that suited me best.

Fortnite Guide: The Storm and Safe Zones

Understanding the storm in Fortnite is crucial. I learned to keep an eye on the map and move toward the safe zone as it shrank. The storm deals damage over time, and getting caught in it can be fatal. In the late stages of a match, I was careful not to expose myself and used the storm to my advantage, ambushing opponents forced to move.

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Fortnite Guide: Team Play and Solo

Fortnite offers various game modes, including solo, duos, and squads. I started with solo matches to hone my skills, but playing with friends was even more enjoyable. Teammates can provide cover, share resources, and revive you when downed.

Fortnite Guide Conclusion

My journey as an absolute beginner in Fortnite was filled with ups and downs. I faced countless defeats, but each loss taught me something valuable. Fortnite is a game that rewards practice and patience. The more I played, the more I fell in love with its dynamic gameplay and vibrant world. If you’re new to Fortnite, embrace the learning curve, stay adaptable, and, most importantly, have fun. Whether you’re into building towering structures or getting that Victory Royale, Fortnite offers something for everyone.

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