Controversy Erupts Over Paid Mods for Starfield Crack Released

Starfield Crack
06/09/2023 | Controversy ensues as a Starfield crack for the paid Starfield DLSS mod is released. The gaming community debates the ethics of paid mods. | Credits: Twitter

The contentious issue of paid mods has once again come to the forefront following the release of a crack for the high-profile Starfield Crack DLSS mod. Modder PureDark, known for creating DLSS3 and DLSS2/FSR2/XeSS mods, has faced backlash for offering advanced Starfield DLSS3 mod access exclusively to $5-a-month Patreon supporters. This decision has ignited debates within the gaming community.

PureDark’s Starfield DLSS3 mod employs Digital Rights Management (DRM) as an authenticator. Remarkably, the mod doesn’t require active Patreon membership, allowing users to bypass authentication after unsubscribing. Moreover, once authenticated initially, the mod does not request re-authentication.

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Starfield Crack DLSS Released

When Starfield launched its early access version on September 1, it was revealed that the game lacked support for Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), a popular supersampling technology. Instead, Starfield officially offers support only for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), specifically FSR 2. Additionally, Intel’s supersampling tech, Xe Super Sampling (XeSS), is not supported in the PC settings.

Bethesda’s decision not to include DLSS support in Starfield has been met with criticism from PC gamers, raising questions about the partnership between AMD and Bethesda, designating AMD as the “exclusive PC partner for Starfield.” AMD has maintained that Bethesda could add DLSS support if desired.

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PureDark’s Paid Mod Controversy

PureDark created the well-received Starfield DLSS2 mod, available for free on NexusMods, and the more advanced Starfield Crack DLSS3, accessible to PureDark’s 9,201-member Patreon supporters. DLSS3, particularly popular among PC gamers, offers frame generation and upscaling on newer Nvidia GPUs from the 40-series, resulting in higher-quality resolutions.

The availability of a Starfield crack for the DLSS3 mod emerged in response to PureDark’s decision to monetize their work. This development has reignited the debate surrounding paid mods. Some argue that modders have the right to charge for their creations, while others contend that this practice contradicts the ethos of mod development.

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The Controversy Continues over Startfield Crack

Despite the existence of the crack, PureDark has not indicated a reversal of their decision to charge for the mod. Bethesda and Nvidia have yet to comment on the situation, potentially setting the stage for a legal debate within their respective legal teams.

Starfield’s official launch is scheduled for September 6, but its early access release has garnered significant popularity on Steam and Xbox, marking a successful debut for the highly anticipated title.

As the debate over paid mods in the gaming industry rages on, it remains to be seen how this controversy will shape the future of mod development and monetization.

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