Valorant New Map Codenamed ‘Jam’ is Based in Jaipur, India

Valorant New Map
05/11/2022 | Valorant new map ‘Jam’ is supposedly where the Legends crafted Harbor’s water-bending artifact. | Credits: ValorLeaks

Following Harbor’s profitable launch, Valorant is reportedly gearing up to introduce a new map based totally on an Indian city. New leaks advise that the upcoming map is codenamed “Jam.” This has led to additional speculations.

Riot Games’ free-to-play tactical shooter receives new content material regularly, keeping a fascinating meta during the year. While adjustments associated with agents, maps, and UI are enormously frequent. The builders preserve longer gaps between including new maps and Agents.

Valorant’s pool has a whole of eight maps and seven in rotation. The builders selected a seven-map rotation rule to make sure a milder mastering curve for new players. As a result, Split used to be eliminated to accommodate Pearl, which is the game’s trendy map.

New Map “Jam” in Valorant

The codename “Jam” can also have countless meanings. However, one rationalization looks to suit fine in the context of Valorant. A frequent means of ‘Jam’ is to pack matters tightly in a space. The upcoming map might also function as a quantity of closely-packed areas that preclude free movement. Another leak published an audio file named “Play_Jam_StoneDoor_Break.uasset”. The file title consists of the map’s speculated codename as properly as what the audio can also denote: the sound of a stone door breaking.

Considering the audio and the codename’s interpretation. The new map may want to be of the ‘Ruins’ kind. Providing stone doors, clustered spaces, and a more modern gameplay style. Other maps in Valorant comprise destructible factors like wood doorways and glass home windows. That gamers can smash with weapons and area-of-effect abilities. Having stated that. The destructible stone door notion hasn’t been applied to any of the game’s maps.

More Speculations Regarding ‘Jam’ or the City of Flowers

Earlier, patch 5.08 introduced an audio recording presenting a dialog between Astra and Harbor to the Practice Range, which sparked rumors of an upcoming new map. The Controller Agents talked about a new region known as ‘The City of Flowers.’ Which is supposedly the place the Legends crafted Harbor’s water-bending artifact.

However, Harbor proclaimed that the town had been destroyed on Alpha Earth due to unknown reasons and is in modern times inaccessible. Astra pointed out that the metropolis might also have an on-hand counterpart on Omega Earth. The ongoing PBE 5.10 (November 4, 2022 – November 7, 2022) exhibits a new voicemail from Astra to Brimstone. In the latter’s workplace located in the Practice Range. Here, Astra talks about traveling the town on Omega Earth alongside Harbor and Skye.

Players can additionally get admission to a new e-mail from Chamber on Brimstone’s laptop. The place he mentions is that a new teleportal compact is geared up for Astra, Skye, and Harbor to set up as soon as they land in the city. Considering this discussion, the new map might also additionally include teleporters. Previously, information miners placed a couple of in-game documents with names that denoted the Indian town of Jaipur.

This gave followers an accurate purpose to speculate that “Jam” will be primarily based on the real-life vicinity of Jaipur. After all, an Indian map will significantly complement Harbor’s introduction and the developers’ purpose to symbolize various cultures.

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