Valorant Funny and Weird Crosshairs You Must Try: Codes Given

Valorant Funny Crosshair
27/09/2022 | Valorant players are always excited to use funny crosshairs or troll crosshairs for fun. | Credits: Twitter

Valorant is an aggressive shooter recreation that has blended magical abilities, characters, and sensible kinds of fights into a single package. While out in an excessive battle, you want to make certain your goal is as unique as possible. To assist aide you in this process, you can personalize your crosshair to shape your fashion of play specifically. If you are searching to strive for something new, we’ve obtained some of the most humorous crosshair codes handy that you can use in this guide!

While you can get yourself aggressive seems to be by means of heading to our Best Valorant Crosshair Codes guide, we’ve determined to list some enjoyable selections for gamers to get a chuckle when taking part in this excessive game.

Funny Valorant Crosshair Codes

Highway Crosshair Code

Valorant Funny Crosshair


Among Us Crosshair Code

Valorant Funny Crosshair


Flappy Bird Crosshair Code

Valorant Funny Crosshair


Nerd Crosshair Code

Valorant Funny Crosshair


Exclamation Point Crosshair Code

Valorant Funny Crosshair


Medic Crosshair Code


Among Us with Body Crosshair Code


Among Us Crosshair Code


Minecraft Steve Crosshair Code


PokeBall Crosshair Code


Cheeseburger Crosshair Code

Valorant Funny Crosshair


Smiley Crosshair Code

Valorant Funny Crosshair


How to use a Crosshair Code

To use a crosshair code in Valorant, follow these steps:

  • In the main menu, go to the settings menu at the top right of your screen
  • Select Settings
  • Select Crosshair
  • Click the Import Profile Code button on the Crosshair Profile listing
  • Copy a code from our list
  • Paste it into the text area and hit the Import button to use!

Those are all of the funny Valorant Crosshair Codes that we are featuring right now! You can check more crosshairs in the articles below:

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