PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown: Winner, Prize pool, and More

PMWI Afterparty Showdown 2022
PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown Winner: Vampire Esports

August 20, marked the conclusion of the PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown. With the Thai team Vampire Esports being named the victor. A total of 12 teams from around the world competed in the three-day event for a share of the USD 1 million prize pool. At the end of Day 1. Vampire Esports was in seventh place, but they made a tremendous comeback and won six chicken dinners over the next two days to win the championship. After S2G, Alpha7 and Falcons placed second and third, respectively. Indian Superstar Scout was named the Fan Favorite Player. 7SEA Esports took eighth place in the competition.

Vampire Esports received about USD 167K of the $1 million overall prize money. While Alpha7 Esports and Team Falcons received $144K and $108K, respectively. The Main Event and the Afterparty were the two parts of the 2022 PMWI. In a resounding victory, Vampire Esports took both stages. Falcons Esports placed third in the Afterparty while placing second in the Main Event. The prize pool for the 2022 PMWI has been divided into 3 million dollars in total.

7SEA Esports in PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown

With the exception of a match at Vikendi, where they managed to endure till the final circle. The squad struggled to survive on an opening day. With only 10 points, the team was in 12th position. 7SEA Esports accrued 24 points on Day 2 thanks to two podium finishes, 12 frags, and two wins, but their standing remained unchanged. They played 12 games, scoring 34 points.

The team had a successful final day as they amassed a record-breaking 29 kills and 45 points, which enabled them to achieve 79 points overall. The team played its best two games of the competition, winning a chicken feast and taking second place. They took advantage of Nigma Galaxy and Alpha7 Esports fighting each other in the fifth game of Day 3 to win the match with eight eliminations, and it served as their chicken supper. The group performed admirably in the championship game as well, earning 15 points and nine victories.

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