Rocket League Season 7: Everything You Need To Know

Rocket Pass
Rocket League Season 7

Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced the official launch date of the game’s upcoming season via a new trailer advertising Rocket League Season 7, which will go live on June 15 at 8 AM PT /11 AMM ET following a game update on June 14.

The seasonal update will include a number of sweeping changes, gameplay tweaks, and of course, a brand-new Rocket Pass. Here’s a breakdown of all the content players can expect to see when Season 7 launches next week.

A Luxurious New Arena Variant

Rocket League’s Utopia Coliseum Arena is getting a brand-new look, and it sure is shiny. The new Arena features several golden statues of Rocket League vehicles, along with several other gilded accents that are quite pleasing to the eyes. Just try not to get distracted by those sparkly new surroundings while you’re in a match.

Rocket Pass Season 7
Rocket Pass

New Competitive Season

Season 7 will, of course, launch alongside a new Competitive Season. In addition to this, players who participated in Season 6’s Competitive Season will receive theirΒ Season 6 Competitive rewards, which include animated Universal Decals. Players who reached the Grand Champion or Supersonic Legend rank in Season 6 will also gain access to exclusive Titles in addition to the Universal Decals.

The Season 7 Rocket Pass

The full contents of Season 7’s Rocket Pass won’t be unveiled until the new season goes live, but we do know it includes the following:

  • The ‘Maestro’ car
  • The ‘Marble Floor’ decal
  • ‘Carat Cutter’ wheels

The Summer Anniversary Event

Rocket League will be celebrating its seventh anniversary this season. In honor of the occasion, a new Limited Time Event will launch later this summer. According to the devs, more information on the Summer Anniversary Event will be revealed shortly.

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