Valorant Night Market: When will it return?

Next Valorant Night Market
Valorant Night Market

Valorant Night Market was first introduced in December 2020. This created hype at different levels which increased the sales of Valorant. What is Night Market? Night markets are special offer markets opened for players to buy the skins at highly discounted prices. Each player gets six skins according to their luck. The offers are unique for every player and the offers don’t change over the period. A night market lasts for 12 days, where the player gets a time duration of twelve days to buy those skins. So, Valorant Night Market: When will it return? is the question the community is asking.

The hype for the Night Market is at a different level as the last night market was seen between February 9th and February 22nd. It’s been a month since the last Night Market and the players are eager to get their hands on the new skins.

When Will Valorant Night Market Return?

night market
Valorant Night Market Draw

The long patience of players waiting for the night market will come to an end this April. The leaks have given out the dates for the Night Market to return. There have been many mesmerizing bundles since the last Night Market, therefore, the players might expect to get more new skins than the old ones. You can start saving money for the Night Market as it is around the corner.

The next Night Market is scheduled between 7th April 2022 and 22nd April 2022. This will be the longest Night Market sale so far with 15 days. Other night markets were scheduled for just 12 days. Players pray for a good stack in the night market but often get disappointed. There are three editions of skins or melee in the Night Market. They are Premium edition which is the basic, Exclusive edition which is Rare Edition, and Ultra Edition which is very rare in the night market. Amongst the six skins, at least one skin will be of this edition.

You can now start saving your money for the Night Market as we can expect a lot this time around. As the Night Market is coming back after a huge gap, we can expect a new feature of re-roll. but we can only wait and see what withholds the future which unfolds on the 7th of April.

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