Apex Legends: Storm Point Teaser Hints at Mad Maggie Coming in Season 12

Mad Maggie Apex Legends Season 12
Credits; Respawn

Apex Legend Mad Maggie Teaser: With Apex Legends season 11 coming to a close, it’s safe to say the season was a success as the EA title dominated the battle royale world. Additionally, the season was seemingly grand and included everything from new maps to a new agent to insane bundles. And it looks like Respawn will continue their tradition of kicking off each new season with a legend, as they recently teased an upcoming legend in the game. Season 12 of Apex Legends is expected is launch on February 8, and there is a lot to speculate.

Is Mad Maggie is Coming to Season 12 of Apex Legends?

There has been a lot of news for quite some time that Mad Maggie is the upcoming Legend in Apex Legends. It all started when reliable data miners like KralRindo and Shrugtal, revealed the same by providing several pieces of evidence. And now Respawn has more or less given credit to the rumors, by adding this teaser to Storm Point. On the new map, Apex Legends players can witness dogfights in the sky. When the fight is over, a piece of debris falls onto the map. Initially, the debris looks like a Care Package, if you go closer you can actually observe the drop it appears to be part of a broken-up aircraft. The remainder of the aircraft bears a Salve logo, the home planet of Fuse and Maggie, which more or less confirms Maggie’s arrival to Season 12 or Apex Legends.

Mad Maggie is no stranger to the world of Apex Legends, she was first introduced in Season 8 with Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy’s, her childhood friend. Maggie has been a part of the game previously as an announcer, and also indirectly when she destroyed parts of King’s Canyon when she fired weapons on the crowd during Fuse’s Debut, as a form of revenge for leaving her alone on Salvo. So Fuse mains watch out as she arrives soon.

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