Steam Winter Sale: Top 5 RPG to spend your money on

Steam Winter Sale RPG
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The Steam Winter Sale is here, which means it is a time for all of us gaming nerds to go Xmas shopping. Steam is offering sale across 52,200 games. The sale will last till January 5, 2022. But don’t worry we have got you covered, we have compiled a list of all the best RPG games that you can add to your steam library for cheap.

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1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Steam Winter Sale Price: $7.99 or ₹160

Discount: 80%

If you have just finished ‘The Witcher Netflix series, and you want to dig deeper into the story-rich lore of the Witcher series, this is the perfect step up for you. And, if you’re a gamer you already know Witcher 3 is considered one the best RPG experiences out there, it has an extremely vivid and fascinating open world, well-written and dynamic characters, combined with an addictive storyline that will keep you hooked for at least a 100 hours. There hasn’t been a gaming sale for long where Witcher 3 wasn’t on sale. But by any chance you still don’t have it, this is the perfect time to add to your library.

2. Detriot: Become Human

Steam Winter Sale Price: $19.99 or ₹949

Discount: 50%

If you guys would’ve known me in real life, you’d know I can rant about how this is the most perfect RPG game ever to Exist. When I completed this game, I had only two words to say ‘Flawless’ and ‘Art’.

Detriot: Become Human is a choice-based game that is set in 2038 Detroit. This game is truly unique, engaging, thrilling, and bewitching. It is impossible to play the game without developing a personal and emotional connection to the story and characters. The story is about Androids or an AI life form who gain emotional intelligence due to a code in their program, who realize that they have been slaves to humans for so many years and are being treated immorally and unrighteously. They decide to launch their own freedom struggle from slavery. It is you a player to decide the future of the race, and every choice you make has serious consequences. The game has at least 85 endings and subheadings, ranging between everything from glorious to devastating.

3. Cyberpunk 2077

Steam Winter Sale Price: $29.99 or ₹ 1499 

Discount: 50%

There is no doubt the game was a disaster at launch but after 1 year of intensive patches, reworks, and bug fixes, it’d be hard to deny the fact that the game is a masterpiece. To simply put it Cyberpunk 2077 is Magnificent, confident, and loaded with content that other games do not offer. It is an engaging experience unlike anything else. The mechanics are spot-on and there is almost always something to do on the map. And the night city is as beautiful as anything you’ll ever come across. Plus, it has Keanu Reeves, so that alone should be enough to make you buy the game.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2 

Steam Winter Sale Price: $29.99 or ₹1599

Discount: 50%

If you are a big fan of character development and incredible storylines that make you cry, RDR 2 is the game for you. The game’s ending is known to make gamers throughout the world break down and sob to sleep. The open world is magnificent and engaging. The game was developed by Rockstar so it isn’t a surprise the gameplay and mechanics are amazing too. It is an overall experience that is worth buying at 50% off

5. Yakuza Franchise

Steam Winter Sale Price: Variable to the game of your choice 

Discount: 25-75%

Currently steam is offering all the games of the Yakuza franchise on sale. All the games of the series have a great plot and interesting characters. The games are set up in Kamurocho, a recreation of Tokyo’s Kabukicho district. It deals with mature, often terrible issues and has a cast of immensely realistic – and likable – characters. All the games of the series are worth your time. Still to help our personal recommendations are:

  1. Yakuza 0
  2. Yakuza like a Dragon

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