Valorant New Agent 18 (Sprinter) : Everything You Need to Know

Valorant New Agent 19
Credits: Riot

Valorant New Agent 18 ‘Sprinter’: With 2022 on the brink, it is probably a good time to discuss Valorant’s newest agent. The new agent whose codename is “Sprinter”, is supposedly from the Phillippines. It has only been a month since Riot Games introduced Chamber, and he has already had a huge impact on the game’s META and a lot of players have adopted him into their playstyle.

The Valorant new Agent 18 or “Sprinter” was first discovered deep in the game files by Dataminer “Mike” in July. He revealed that “SourceString” attached for Agent18 appears to be named “Sprinter”

What do we Know About the Valorant New Agent 18?

Riot has been known to always tease its upcoming agent. And this time around too, it has done a great job of creating hype around Agent 18. During the finals of the VCT 2021 on December 12, Riot dropped a cryptic trailer that included a female voice saying,” I’ll show them if I want to. Enemies in our way? I hope they like getting hit by lightning. Get ready, I go fast.” This has led many to believe, ‘Sprinter’ might have something to do with lightning, has an ability to run extremely fast.

Riot only gave credibility to the rumors through its State of the Agents post for December 2021, which said Β “Kicking off next year is an Agent who can outpace the rest of the roster, shocking the competition, and sliding straight into the fight.” They also ended the post by saying, β€œMaraming Salamat!”, which means Thank you very much in Filipino, again hinting towards “Sprinter” being from the Philippines. Similarly, some of the in-game voice lines for Chamber also refer to the new agent being stationed in Manilla, Philippines.

Another interesting in-game teaser available is the “Live-wire” card in the battle pass. The card clearly hints towards ‘Sprinter’ being related to electricity. This card also included figure ‘8’. Consequently, this gave rise to another theory about the next being Agent 8. Agent8 is very popular and infamous since they were released or talked about by Riot.

When is New Agent 18 ‘Sprinter’ coming to Valorant?

If we look at standard Riot launch schedules, Valorant New Agent 18 Sprinter might be playable after the launch of Episode 4 Act 1, i.e. January 12, 2022. But, Riot developers announced they will focus more onΒ  Agent Balancing in the first half of 2022, meaning a possible delay in the launch of agent18.

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