Fnatic Found The Replacement For BraveAF: Know Who?

Fnatic Valorant

BraveAF joined Fnatic on 21st January 2021, from OneBreathe Gaming. He is 26 years old player from Russia. He was suspended from Fnatic Valorant roster after a few chats were leaked between him and a girl, about an amid situation going between Russia and Ukraine. Valorant Masters 2022 is starting from 10th of April and, this was a bad news for Fnatic fans. Everyone was worried if the organisation can find a replacement for BraveAF before the LAN tournament.

There is an internal investigation going on by Fnatic, as per reports until, and BraveAF can return to Pro Valorant is he is found not-guilty of the allegation. BraveAF issued an apology and said he didn’t mean to hurt sentiments of anyone or offend any nation. It was a chat when the matter was not so serious and was a casual conversation betweeen the two.

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Who Will Replace BraveAF For VCT Masters?

Fnatic Fearoth

As VCT Masters is around the corner, they had to find a replacement for BraveAF as soon as possible. It had to be a player who holds an experience in LAN events to not face major LAN pressure. The task was also to find a player who has an experience in the role of Initiator or Controller.

Fnatic quickly grabbed the chance to Loan star player Enzo “Fearoth” Mestari from The Alliance. Fearoth is an In-game-leader for The Alliance, he had made his name first in Counter Strike eSports and now has been performing well in Valorant. Fearoth is a 25 years old, French player who mains Sova and Skye. Which can be a perfect replacement for BraveAF.

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Team Director Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson had this to say:

I think we have found a great replacement in Enzo, who has proven over the last 18 months in Valorant that he is one of the best Sova’s in the region. He has been consistently playing at a top level and led Alliance to some really impressive performances especially in the last few months as their IGL and captain in the Polaris VRL. We believe he will slot in pretty easily and add a lot of value going into Iceland.
This shows that Fnatic management is confident about their loan signing because Fearoth has already shown what he is capable of. And Fnatic is very much focused in winning the Masters after loosing 3-0 to Sentinals in previous Iceland LAN tournament.
Fnatic looked strong in the regional qualifiers as they eye to top the VCT Masters.
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