How To Get Rewards In Reload Target Down Event Free Fire?

Reload Target Down Event Free Fire 
Reload Target Down Event Free Fire 

Free Fire keeps on adding new events to the game that features a variety of exclusive in-game rewards. Certainly, the Free Fire X Money Heist collaboration is going on and the players get to experience Money Heist in the game. Free Fire is frequently adding exclusive emotes, bundle outfits, and much more in-game stuff based on the Money Heist theme. Moreover, a new event with the name  Reload Target Down has been launched in Free Fire. So, in this article, we will discuss the all-new Free Fire event.

However, the Free Fire X Money Heist collaboration has not yet ended and it will last till 16 December 2021. Also, the collaboration events will be available for a certain time only, so players require to unlock their desired rewards before the event ends. Free Fire comes up every day with an all-new event like the recent Reload Target Down event.

Reload Target Down Event Free Fire

The Reload Target Down event has been launched on 6 December, and it will be available till 12 December. This event features the exclusive grand prizes i.e. Gold Vault Gloo wall skin, Bag O’ cash backpack skin, and the Red Robster Vector gun skin. The other items are also available in rewards including the grand prizes.

Players require to spin in the Reload Target Down event by using diamonds. The first spin is free for all the Free Fire users. Even so, if the players stand lucky, they may get any of the grand prizes for free. However, the second spin will cost 19 diamonds and the spin cost will increase after every spin. The rewards available in this event are listed below.

  • The Devil Blessing’s surfboard
  • Hellfire M4A1 crate
  • Ottero pet
  • Death’s loot crate
  • Pan- Greatest Heist
  • Ottero Heist pet skin
  • Bag O’ cash backpack
  • Red Robster Vector gun skin
  • Gold Vault Gloo wall skin

Furthermore, five rewards will be available on the spinning wheel. The prizes once won in this event are removed, which increases the chances of getting the grand prizes in Reload target down. After every spin, a new reward will be added to the wheel, Also, no items will be added after adding all the grand prizes. Players just need to continue spinning to win all the grand prizes. Besides, according to Free Fire players can get all the rewards in 11 spins only in the Reload Target Down event.

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