Free Fire X Money Heist: Free Fire x LCDP Emotes, Bundles And More

Free Fire X LCDP collaboration emotes, bundles
Free Fire X LCDP collaboration emotes

Free Fire keeps on collaborating with different Anime characters like One Punch Man, real-life personalities like Cristiano Ronaldo, etc. Recently, Free Fire collaborated with one of the most popular Netflix Web-series La Casa De Papel. The Free Fire X LCDP collaboration will feature new in-game stuff like emotes, bundle outfits, gun skins, etc. So, in this article, we will discuss the new upcoming Free Fire X LCDP emotes and other in-game stuff in Free Fire.

Moreover, many Free Fire X LCDP collaboration events are going on currently in the game. The three money heist collaboration emotes i.e. Make it rain, I’m rich and the Endless billets emote has been introduced to the game. However, according to the leaks, Free Fire has planned a few more emotes and other stuff which is supposed to be launched in a couple of days.

Free Fire x LCDP Emotes

The Make it rain and I’m rich emotes are added to the recent Heist Royale event. Both the emotes are the grand prizes of the Heist Royale. The Money heist collaboration bundles i.e. Plan Bermuda bundle, Plan Bermuda Street Male bundle, Plan Bermuda Street Female bundle, Plan Bermuda Kunoichi bundle, and the Shinobi bundle are also included in the grand prizes.

Besides, the exclusive Endless Bullets Free Fire X LCDP collaboration emote has been added in the separate event. The Ended Bullets had been added to the Faded Wheel event as the grand prize along with the Red Robster Woodpecker. Also, players stand a chance to get the exclusive Plan Bermuda Pickup Truck skin. The Pickup truck skin is available in the normal prize and players can get it for 9 diamonds only.

Furthermore, players can find the above Free Fire X Money Heist collaboration emotes events in the luck royale section. However, players require to spend diamonds to spin in such events. Also, players need to have a good luck rate to unlock the emotes in fewer spins.

Money Heist Upcoming Emotes 


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According to the leaks, the upcoming Free Fire x Money Heist emote will be the Throw Money emote. However, the launch date of this emote has not yet been announced officially by Free Fire. The Throw Money emote will be added soon in Faded Wheel or any other event as a grand prize.

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