How to Top Up Diamonds in 5 Rupees : Free Fire

Top up diamonds in 5 Rupees
Top up diamonds in 5 Rupees

Top up diamonds in 5 Rupees: Diamonds are the most desired currency in Free Fire. However, it costs a fortune of diamonds to buy items in the game, which only a few players can afford. But here in this article, we will tell you how to top up diamonds in 5 rupees.

Diamonds can buy all types of exclusive items, from purchasing new characters to cosmetics like skin and outfits. But players need to spend real money to get diamonds in the game.

Those who own a large vault of this currency can buy all the in-game items. All the powerful characters, skin, outfits are accessible to them.

Top up Diamonds in 5 Rupees (Updated)

Here, we would like to add an important disclaimer that the following top-up service trick will function only in Indonesia.

As the account is not on the Indonesian server, you can’t use a VPN to change the Free Fire account location to top-up with Indian rupees. Follow the given steps to recharge your diamond in Indonesia.

Step-1: Visit Seagm.com and log in or register to get the service.

Step-2: Find Free Fire instant Top-up in the main menu.

Step-3: Choose the 5 diamonds denomination.

Step-4: Β Enter your Free Fire ID and Nickname.

Step-5: Choose your payment method and ensure checking out.

Step-6: Finally, open Free Fire application and check the Diamond amount you purchased.

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Free Fire Top-up Service in India

Indian players were able to access the service in the past, as displayed by YouTube. But eventually, this top-up website Seagm stopped the service for some unknown reasons. It only offers to the Indonesian region. But there are other ways for Free Fire Top up diamonds in 5 Rupees in India.

  • Google Opinion Rewards: Google owns this app. You need to complete simple and short surveys to receive Google play Credit/Balance. Then, use those rewards to exchange for diamonds.
  • Starbucks: It is a famous website where you need to finish simple tasks to get rewards. Users will receive Pay Pal money or Play Giftcards.

Free Fire 100% Top Up Bonus(Updated)

Garena has developed its Top Up center to get a 100% bonus on your first purchase. It is the best alternative to get Free Fire Top Up diamonds in 5 Rupees.

Step-1: Visit the Top Up website.

Step-2: Select Free Fire.

Step-3:Select your login option via Facebook or Player ID.

Step-4: Choose a payment method among three modes. ( Net banking, UPI, Paytm)

Step-5: Now, you will see the list of diamonds along with bonus.

Step-6: Choose the one you want to purchase.

Step-7: Finally, you will get diamonds in your Free Fire account.

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