Doctor Scarlette Bundle Free Fire: New Diamond Royale Bundle

Doctor Scarlette Bundle Free Fire (New Diamond Royale Bundle)
Doctor Scarlette Bundle Free Fire (New Diamond Royale Bundle)

Certainly, a new diamond royale bundle has been introduced in Free Fire on 25 November. The luck royale grand prizes are frequently been updated and players get to experience new skins and bundles in the game. The Doctor Scarlette bundle will be available in the diamond royale in Free Fire for a certain time only. So, let us discuss more details about this new royale bundle in Free Fire.

Previously, the male version of the Doctor Scarlette bundle i.e. Doctor Red bundle was introduced in the Diamond royale. So, after the end of the male bundle now the female bundle has been added to the diamond royale. Moreover, it can become one of the most demanding bundles later in the game.

Free Fire players require to purchase diamonds and spin in the diamond royale to get this exclusive bundle. Also, most of the Diamond Royale bundles are added to the magic cube store after a certain time. Players can collect the magic cube fragments and exchange them in the Magic cube store to get this bundle in the future.

Doctor Scarlette Bundle Free Fire

The Doctor Scarlette bundle has been added on 25 November in the luck royale section in Free Fire. Almost all the diamonds royale grand prizes are updated within 18-19 days. So, players will be able to spin in the luck royale within this time limit only to get the Doctor Scarlette bundle. Also, Free Fire may give a discount on the luck royale spins so, players can get this bundle for fewer diamonds.

Besides, other than the grand prize, players can also get rewards like character fragments, 50% Gold card, 50% Exp card, and much more. However, it is totally a luck-based royale. The higher the luck rate of the player, the more is the chance to get this bundle in fewer spins. Also, players can get Doctor Scarlette bundle in one spin if their luck rate reaches 100.

How To Get New Diamond Royale Bundle?

One spin in the diamond royale costs 60 diamonds, while 10+1 spins cost 600 diamonds. Even so, players can also use diamond royale vouches to spin in this royale. The diamond royale vouchers can be collected by completing simple missions in Free Fire. Also, diamond royale vouchers can be redeemed by exchanging FF tokens from the in-game store. So, players can get this all-new Doctor Scarlette bundle for free.

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