How To Play Free Fire Without Download: Free Fire Game Online Play

Free Fire Online Play
Free Fire Online Play

Free Fire game size has been increased after OB updates. Besides, most of the players with low-end devices are unable to play the game on the devices. So, the players want to play Free Fire online without downloading the game. Users can play the Free Fire game without worrying about their device storage. In this article, we will discuss the process to play Free Fire game online.

Free Fire currently has acquired a massive user base globally. Also, it’s available on the play store, app store, and many other apps platforms. Besides, Free Fire reached one billion downloads on the Play store. Moreover, Free Fire users are growing every single day throughout the world.

Can we play the Free Fire game online without downloading it? It is one of the most frequently asked questions by users having low-end devices. Even so, the answer to this question is not direct. Let us discuss the way to play it without downloading.

How To Play Free Fire Game online Without Downloading It?

Users can play the Free Fire directly from The Google Play Store. However, players can’t access the full version of the Free Fire. Users can only play the demo version of Free Fire without any download. Even so, players can enjoy the battle royale fights in the demo version.

However, to enjoy the full version of Free Fire users need to download and install the Free Fire on their devices. The demo version of Free Fire is added to the play store that allows users to have a free trial of the game. Users have to follow some simple steps to play Free Fire Online.

Step-1:Visit the Google Play Store application and search for Garena Free Fire.

Step-2: You will get two options- The install option and the Try now option. Click on the Try now option and it will start loading your game. Wait until the game starts.

Step-3: It will spawn you to the battleground with some bot enemies as your opponent. You can play the trial version for 5-6 minutes only.

After trying the trial version it will redirect you to the main installation page. Also, if the user wants to play the trial version again they can click on the Try now option and if you liked the game, you can proceed to download the game. Besides, this trick is only available for android users.

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