Free Fire Refund Top-up: Free Fire Diamonds Top-up For Free?

Free Fire Refund Money
Free Fire Refund Money

Free Fire players have to top-up diamonds to unlock exclusive in-game items like gun skins, dress bundles, etc. The Free Fire is said to be a “Pay To Win game” as the skins in Free Fire is added with extra power or attributes. Players spend money on gun skins or bundles to compete in the game. However, some top-ups are done accidentally by the players and they want to refund the top-up money. So, in this article, we will discuss the refund process of Free Fire top-up money.

How To Request Free Fire Refund for Top-up Money? 

There are two different ways to request a top-up money refund. However, there are certain conditions for requesting a refund. Besides, top-ups done from any third-party sites are generally non-refundable. Free Fire is not responsible for the top-ups done from other sites. Let us discuss the ways to refund top-up money in Free Fire.

Free Fire Refund On Google Play Store:  

Players can request a refund from the Google Play Store after top-up. But, as per Garena Free Fire terms and conditions, all the diamond purchases are non-refundable. The refund request may affect the player’s Free Fire account. Besides, players can request a one-time refund, repeating the refund request may create problems for the user.

Conditions For requesting Free Fire Refund:

Players can request a refund only if the purchase of the diamond is made within 48 hours(2 days). It may vary for other Play Store items. If the purchase is within this time limit, players can follow the procedure to request the money Refund. After requesting, the Google support team will analyze your request and you will get their reply within 2 working days. Let us discuss the steps to request the refund.

Step-1: Visit the Google Play Store and select the order history option there. You will be able to see all the purchased items.

Step-2: Select the order you want to request a refund.

Step-3: Fill the provided form and choose the reason for your refund request(select the safest option: If Your family member made the purchase).

Step-4: Complete the form properly including the correct transaction ID. Wait for the reply from the Google team.

Request Refund from Garena’s Support:

According to the Free Fire policies, purchases made in Free Fire are non-refundable. However, players can request a refund for one time. But, players can’t use the purchased diamonds from their accounts. If Free Fire approves your refund request, they will deduct the purchased diamonds from your account.

Moreover, if a user requests a refund after using the purchased diamonds, Garena will restrict the user’s account. Players need to make the same purchase to release the account from restriction. Besides, players can contact Free Fire customer support directly in the game. Players can submit a request in Free Fire from the customer service option in the game. Complete the procedure and you can get your money back.

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