What are Fan Rewards in Rocket League: How To Fetch Rewards

Fan Rewards in Rocket League
Claim Rewards in Rocket League

Fan Rewards in Rocket League: Rocket League is one of the coolest games to enjoy on any platform. Furthermore, the game always tries to reward its player in the game and also outside the game. The fan reward is something introduced by the Rocket league and players can fetch these rewards into their account.

How To Claim Fan Rewards in Rocket League?

Fetch Fan Rewards in Rocket League
Twitch Prime Rewards

Players can claim free and exclusive rewards under the fan reward just by watching streams on Twitch. Furthermore, players need to link their gaming account to Twitch and can earn rewards. So, how does it works?

Once you have linked your Rocket League account to the Twitch account you just need to watch streams. Additionally, there are some streamers who the official partners of the Rocket League. So, you can join their live stream in order to fetch these rewards in Rocket League.

Most of the rewards are for a limited time and also most there are some specific times when they drop. Players will receive their fan reward directly in the Rocket League account if they watch the live stream. As the reward drops regularly the fans need to be aware in order to claim them.

The audience can get the latest updates of fan rewards via the official Twitter account. Also, the Twitter account announces the content creators whose live stream will give players the fan rewards in Rocket League.

How to Link Your Account?

  1. VisitΒ rewards.rocketleague.com
  2. Click the login with Twitch button to link your Twitch account. (This will redirect you to twitch.com for you to sign in with your Twitch account)
  3. After logging in go back to the reward website of the Rocket League.
  4. Select your platform (Epic Games Store, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Steam)
  5. Log in to your account with credentials.
  6. Now, your account is linked.

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