Chamber On Valorant PBE: Know When The Agent Will Arrive

Chamber is all set to arrive on Valorant's PBE. Know all the details here.

Chamber On Valorant PBE
Chamber to arrive in PBE tomorrow

Chamber On Valorant PBE: Valorant’s new agent Chamber is all set to arrive in the Public Beta Environment where the agent will be in the test period. Moreover, the Sentinel is expected to release in-game on 16th November.

Chamber will be arriving in the PBE from 13th November. The PBE is a kind of beta testing platform which was released at the beginning of Episode 3. Know more details about the agent and its release date here.

Chamber On Valorant PBE: Everything You Need To Know

Chamber On Valorant PBE
New Valorant Agent Chamber – Release Date and Abilities

A new Sentinel agent will be added to the game named Chamber. Furthermore, he is expected to arrive mostly in the 3.10 update. Riot has already delayed the launch of Chamber by two weeks, and fans are eagerly waiting to try this new agent.

Unlike other Sentinel agents, Chamber has some different abilities including a sniper rifle of his own. The players, playing on this French agent will get a sniper rifle as the ultimate. Also, his Teleportation looks way better than Yoru’s. So, it will be a meta-changing agent.

Chamber will available on Valorant PBE also known as Public Beta Environment where the registered PBE will be testing the agent. The platform is a Valorant exclusive developed by Riot to test updates before rolling it out.

However, not all the players will be able to test the new agent as there are several eligibility criteria set for the PBE.

Know about Eligibility and How To Sign up: Valorant PBE Sign Up: Eligibility And How To Sign Up

Public Beta Environmentย 

Public Beta Environment
It is expected that Valorant will increase the number of invites in this PBE

Currently, the Public Beta Environment is only available for players based in North America. So, some selected PBE players will be able to test the new Valorant agent Chambers.

This means we will be able to know about some unanswered questions which the trailer and gameplay video left. The most important among all was the sound of teleportation. Furthermore, the teleportation looked smooth but there was no sound clue. This left the player’s head-scratching.

Once the test is over on PBE, Valorant will release the agent in the game. Chamber is expected to arrive in the game on 16th November along with the 3.10 update.

There will be several more updates in the 3.10 like a 5-man stack for every ranked player. It will allow immortal and Radiant players to play 5-men.

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