Free Fire: How To Get The M60 Viper Gangster in Weapon Royale?

Head on to this article to know how to get the M60 Viper Gangster through the Weapon Royale in Free Fire!

M60 Viper Gangster Free Fire
M60 Viper Gangster Free Fire

How To Get The M60 Viper Gangster in Weapon Royale in Free Fire: The weapon royale has been updated and launched recently in Free Fire and it features various exceptional camos and skins.

Players can also get the all new legendary M60 Viper Gangster through this weapon royale spin. Therefore, follow up on this article for the details regarding the spin and steps to perform.

Currently, Free Fire is celebrating the festive season and thereby launching a couple of new skins, characters, events, and more items. These additions attract the players and keep them engaged with the game.

Players can gain such items through certain in game events and spins that are featured regularly in Free Fire. Meanwhile, players need to spend a certain amount of diamonds which is the in game currency of Free Fire.

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By spending the number of diamonds in spins and top up events, players can get fabulous rewards and skins accordingly.

As a result, the weapon royale had launched recently in Free Fire with the addition of new skins and items concluding the M60 Viper Gangster.

Here’s How To Get The M60 Viper Gangster in Free Fire:

The M60 Viper Gangster skin had featured recently in Free Fire in the Weapon Royale spin. And, this skin increases the damage and range and decreases the reload speed while using M60.

Therefore, this skin is also beneficial to the players during the combat along with expanding their collection. Thereby, here are the steps to get it.

Step-1 – Launch the game and log in with your account and players will head to the home screen.

Step-2 – On the home screen, click on the Weapon royale section and open the section.

Step-3 – Thereby, players can start spinning and continue the process until they receive the M60 Viper Gangster from the Weapon Royale.

Therefore, players can easily get the M60 Viper Gangster by following these steps from the Weapon royale. Meanwhile, the weapon royale in Free Fire even offers certain other items as mentioned below.

  • M60 Viper Gangster
  • SKS Urban Rager
  • SPAS12 Urban Rager
  • AK47 Urban Rager
  • FAMAS Imperial Rome
  • KAR98 Imperial Rome
  • MP5 Imperial Rome
  • AK47 Imperial Rome
  • SKS Bumblebee Sting
  • SPAS12 Bumblebee Swarm
  • MP5 Bumblebee Rattle
  • AK47 Bumblebee
  • Groza Pharaoh’s Wings
  • SPAS12 Pharaoh’s Eyes
  • M1014 Pharaoh’s Rage
  • KAR98 Pharaoh’s Eyes
  • Bounty Token Play Card (3d,24h)
  • Resupply map (3d,24h)
  • Bonfire Playcard (3d,24h)
  • Summon Airdrop Playcard (3d,24h)
  • Scan playcard (3d,24d)
  • Bounty Token
  • Resupply map
  • Summon Airdrop
  • Bonfire
  • Scan

Therefore, that’s all about the Weapon Royale and getting the M60 Gangster Skin in Free Fire!

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