Valorant Drops RiotX Arcane Bundle: Price, Items And Release Date

Know everything about RiotX Arcane bundle here.

Valorant Arcane Bundle
Valorant Arcane Price and skins

Valorant Arcane Bundle: Netflix is all set to premiere the League of Legends-based TV Series named Arcane. Moreover, to celebrate the occasion, Riot has come up with a bundle named Arcane skins. The bundle has some gun buddies, player cards, and weapon skins. So, let’s know about the release date, price, and everything about the Arcane bundle of Valorant.

What Is Valorant RiotX Arcane Bundle?

Valorant Arcane Bundle
Know when Arcane bundle will release

Riot has dropped the bundle to celebrate the occasion of the premiere of the Arcane web series. Moreover, there are several skins and weapon cards in the skins including a Sheriff skin.

There are few rewards available for all the players. Furthermore, these items are free of cost and no spending of Valorant points is required to add them into your collection. So, let’s see what we have in the free Arcane bundle:

  • “Arcane” Title
  • “Welcome To The UnderCity” Player Card
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Calculated Spray
  • “Liar” Title
  • Arcane Embrace Player Card
  • Boom Spray
  • Cupcake Title

So, these are a few rewards players can collect for free. Also, some of the items will be available in the future.

However, there is an Arcane pass bundle that requires Valorant points to purchase. The bundle has items like gun buddies, sprays, and weapon skins.

The most interesting fact is, players won’t be able to buy any single item from the bundle. Meaning, if you want to purchase, you need to buy the whole bundle.

Price And Items

The Arcane bundle is not like any other Valorant bundle but is a little different. As mentioned earlier, players need to purchase the whole bundle to buy anything. Also, it has only Sheriff skin as a weapon skin. So, there are no rifles or SMGs skin in the bundle.

The bundle will cost around 2380 Valorant points to purchase the Arcane Bundle. Here is the list of items in the Arcane pass:

  • Arcane Sheriff
  • “Arcane Jinx” Title
  • “Tag You’re dead” Spray
  • “Monkey Business” Gun Buddy
  • “Arcane Mysteries” Gun Buddy

These items won’t be available in the future in the night market or in the store.

More Items

There are some more cards and sprays players can collect apart from the Arcane bundle pass of Valorant. Furthermore, players need to link their Prime Gaming account with Twitch in order to claim them.

  • Fishbones Gun Buddy
  • Arcane Poro Gun Buddy
  • Loose Cannon Spray
  • Arcane Jinx Card

Release Date

the bundle will be available from 5th November. The last date to purchase these items will be 22nd November.

So, these were all the details about the new bundle of Valorant. To read more, click on the link below.

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