Team BDS Announces Happy As Their New Valorant Player

Know everything about Team BDS's new player Happy.

Team BDS Happy Valorant
The Veteran played his first match against Tenstar

French Team BDS added ex CS: GO player Happy to their Valorant roster. Moreover, Happy will be their 5th player as the team benched Hoppy and Gatsh left the team. Happy made his debut against Tenstar in the Redbull Home Ground #2, where BDS lost all three matches against Acend, Tenstar, and Navi.

Know more about the announcement here.

Who is The New Player of Team BDS: Happy?

Happy during CS days

Vincent “Happy” Cervoni Schopenhauer is an ex CS: GO player from France. Furthermore, he is famous for his CS days with Team Envy where he spent more than three years. He is one of the most decorated CS players in Europe as he won many Dreamhacks including The World Championships 2015 and World Electronic Sports Games 2016.

The CS Go veteran was famous for his Lurk role in the team. Furthermore, he is now all set to make an impact on the new game Valorant. Team BDS recently announced that they have added Happy to their Valorant roster.

The 29-year old started playing Valiant in 2020. Moreover, he also started playing competitively and was soon added by Giant Gaming. However, he was moved to Excel very soon. And now, he has earned a move to the French team BDS.

Agents And Expectations

team BDS is one of the best teams in Europe which has started to emerge as a big name. The team played in the VCT Challengers Stage 3 where they lost to Team Liquid in Challenger 1 and to Fnatic in Challenger 2 to find themselves out of the tournament.

The BDS team experimented with new things and lineups but nothing worked. Finally, they have added Happy to the roster who will be using his CS experience to make things work.

Happy is expected to play the agent Skye in the BDS team. However, the lurker role will perfectly fit him with the agent.

In the three matches played at Red Bull Home ground, Happy played Skye twice and Raze once.

Team BDS will be playing in the Valorant Open Tour France. The team earned the spot by winning the Summer qualifier. The tournament will start on 13th November.

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