Valorant To Allow 5 Man Stack For All Ranks In Competitive

Know what is 5 man stack and when it will be available.

Valorant 5 Man Stack
Know everything about Valorant’s new 5 stack

Valorant 5 Man Stack: Riot has confirmed that the fps game Valorant will soon have the 5-stack feature for all the ranked players. As of now, Immortal and Radiant players can only pair in two and find a match. Both of these ranks are the top 2 ranks in Valorant. However, the developers are considering making several changes in order to balance the game.

So, let’s know more about this.

What is a 5 Man Stack In Valorant?

How the 5-man stack will help players?

In Valorant, a group of 5 players competes with another 5 players in order to win at least 13 rounds on any map. Moreover, most of the players love to play the game casually and team with friends. However, if you’re an Immortal or Radiant ranked player, you will not be able to join a friend’s party more than one.

Valorant avoided the 5 man stack in order to maintain the balance in competitive mode. Valorant focuses more on individual skills and the solo queue will help players to get a real rank.

Often players team up with good players and boost themselves to achieve greater ranks. But after the request of several professional players and world-class streamers, the developers are up to something and are ready to bring the 5 stacks.

Players like Tenz and Shroud previously expressed their views on 5 stacks.

So, after the inclusion of 5 stacks in the game, players will be able to team up with their 4 other friends and match against another player. However, there will be several changes made in the points system to balance the ranking system. As per the leaks, players will receive fewer points as compared to the solo queue after winning a game in 5 man stack.

When It Will Be Available?

Currently, the 5 man stacks are available for Diamond ranks players which is the third-highest rank. Players ranked Diamon or below that can team with 5 other friends.

Valorant developers have confirmed that the 5 man stack for all competitive ranks will be available after the 3.10 update. Furthermore, the update is scheduled for January 2022. The full details will be released in 3.10 patch notes.

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