Codashop Free Fire Top Up India Guide in 2021

Have you ever buy any Diamonds online? If not, Then this guide is for you because below you will learn about codashop free fire diamond top up.


Have you ever bought any Diamonds online? If not, Then this guide is for you because below you will learn about codashop free fire diamond top-up. Moreover, you will get up to 50% cashback on your first purchase.

There are many online purchasing sites like code shop but when it comes to benefits there is no comparison with other sites. Read the till the end if you do not want to miss anything.

What is Free Fire Top Up?

Free Fire games have an in-game currency β€œDiamonds” and β€œGolds” like any other online game. You need these currencies to buy in-game items like characters, skins, making guilds, and almost everything. If you are planning for a long run with Free Fire then you need to buy Codashop Free Fire Top Up Diamonds.

What is Codashop and Why use Codashop Website for Top Up in Free Fire?

Codashop is an online top-up site that helps you to buy diamonds for various games like PUBG, COD mobile, Free Fire, and many more like these games. Why use the Top-Up website? There is a point because you can buy Diamonds directly from your game.

On the other hand, the reason why these sites exist is because of discounts and benefits like cashback. Moreover, diamonds are expensive items and you need to pay with real-world money.

Codashop Free Fire Diamond Top Up Guide:

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Free Fire Top Up Guide in 2021

Step-1: First the Codeshop official website with help of this link because there are too many fake websites there.

Step-2: Select your game like Free Fire in this case and click on it to move on next step.

Step-3: In the next step you need to choose the number of diamonds you want to purchase. Moreover, choose your payment method and complete your Codashop Free Fire Top-Up transaction.

Step-4: Finally, your diamonds will be delivered to your in-game mail.


There are lots of other ways to get diamonds cheap. But it’s all up to you because many people get problems while purchasing from the third-person website. On the other hand, Codashop Free Fire Top Up sites are best when it comes to getting diamonds at a low cost.

I recommend you choose the fewer number of diamonds in your first purchase. In other words, if everything goes right then do other purchases. Happy Gaming Friends!!

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