How to Get Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite for Free

Featured Image: How to Get Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite for Free

Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite i.e How to Get Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite for Free: Do you also need aeos coins to buy something? In this guide, you will learn about multiple ways to earn coins in Pokemon Unite. Moreover, every method in this blog post is free of cost and you do need to pay. On the other hand, for every in-game item you need aeos coins and they are hand to earn.

What are Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite?

First thing first, do you know what Aeos Coins are? Well, here is a quick introduction for you related to coins and in-game items. Every game has its in-game currency like Free Fire has Diamonds, Mortal Kombat has Souls, and Pokemon Unite has Aeos Coins.

Players need this currency to buy in-game items like Pokemons and Holowears. There is also another option or currency is Gems but they are not free. On the other hand, if you are a Free 2 Play player then getting coins is the only option.

How to Get Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite?


If you have a shortage of money while purchasing any in-game items then do not worry. There is more than one free method to earn coins in Pokemon Untie. Moreover, if you are a new player who just started to play the game then you have more. On the other hand, experience players also keep an eye on the methods if you accidentally miss any one of them.

  1. Completing Tutorials: If you just start playing the game then must complete the tutorial section even if you know how to play it. Because it gives you thousands of Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite.
  2. Daily Missions: Yes, Pokemon Unite has a daily missions section where you get rewards if you complete the current task and challenge.
  3. Event Missions: This game has several events going on so there are lots of tasks in it. If you can complete them in a given time then you can get hundreds or even thousands of coins per event.
  4. Fair Points: This game has a different and strict fair play system including rewards. If you can hit 90 fair points per day then you will get 20 Aeos Coins as a reward.
  5. Level System: When you hit a certain level in the game, you will get rewards. On the other hand, most of the time you will get coins in huge amounts.


Above listed methods are major ways to get coins in-game but it is not the end. Moreover, every time you complete a unit battle, you will get coins as rewards. Let me know in the comment section if you know more ways to earn coins in Pokemon Unite?

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