Is Pokemon Unite Cross Platform? Crossplay Guide and Tips

Is Pokemon Unite Cross-Platform? Crossplay Guide and Tips: Pokemon Unite is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. It is made by The Pokemon Company, which made other pokemon games like Pokemon GO, Masters, and more…

is Pokemon Unite Cross Platform
Switch Vs Mobile: Pokemon Unite

Basically, Today you will read about Cross-Platform save, and cross-region for all platforms. Moreover, you will learn about How it works, and which one you should choose.

Is Pokemon Unite Cross Platform Available?

Pokemon Unite game is available for two platforms Mobile (ios and android) and Nintendo Switch. Basically, Yes you can play it on different devices. On the other hand, it’s not available for all platforms. For example, you can not play it on other platforms like Xbox, Playstation, or Personal Computer.

So, you can play on different devices with the same Pokemon Unite account. There are different methods like Google and Pokemon Trainer Club.

Bonus Tip: You have Zeraora Unite License then you can also use it on other platforms. It is a very rare item and only available for a couple of players.

Pokemon Unite Cross Platform: Which Platform is Better?

Well, both platforms are pretty much common for Pokemon Unite. On the other hand, they have their own pros and cons which can affect your gaming style. Below you get a full-length comparison between both devices. Let’s see…



  1. You get a Bigger Screen Size.
  2. Controllers which help you use controls more easily.
  3. TV – You can play it on the Big Screen.


  1. Portability: Mobile phones are easy to hang around.

Pokemon Unite Cross Platform Mobile: 


  1. First, it’s portable.
  2. Touch Screen Controls, best for those who do not like or know the use of Controllers.


  1. Smaller Screen

One Final Note: 

The first thing is if you have a low-end device then go for Switch. On the other hand, Switch if you spend most of your time outside and need to travel then go for Mobile. Basically, it all depends on person to person.

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