Fortnite Birthday Quests: Complete Guide to Finish the Challenges

Fortnite Birthday Quests have dropped to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the game. The challenges to win Fortnite's 4th Birthday rewards have already gone live from 24 th  September.

Fortnite Birthday Quests
Fortnite Birthday Quests

Fortnite Birthday Quests have dropped to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the game. The challenges to win Fortnite’s 4th Birthday rewards have already gone live from 24th September. Players can participate in these challenges till 28th  September. Also, the overall theme of Fortnite Birthday Quests is based on birthdays, cakes, and more. There are various challenges related to cake. Moreover, after finishing these tasks players can win amazing Fortnite’s 4th  Birthday rewards.

Complete List of Fortnite Birthday Quests

Fortnite's 4th Birthday Rewards
Fortnite’s 4th Birthday Rewards

There are four different birthday challenges under this event. Howeever, all of them revolve around cakes. The complete list of Fortnite Birthday Quests is given below:

1 Throw Birthday Gifts (4 times)

Under this birthday challenge, players have to collect birthday gifts and buddies. In addition to this, they have to throw them on the floor. Also, players have to repeat these steps four times to complete the birthday challenge. Furthermore, the best location to find birthday gifts is aliens areas with dismantled UFOs.

2 Dance in Front of Cakes (4 times)

The other challenge in Fortnite Birthday Quests requires users to dance in front of birthday cakes.  For this, one just have to dance an emote in front of the cakes. Moreover, there are various locations to find a birthday cake.

· Misty Meadows: Travel to the Eastern Road of this location. Here, a birthday cake is present in the middle of the street.

· Also, one can go to the gas station to get a birthday patty in Catty Corner

· Furthermore, there is a cake here reach the POI present in the northeast parts in Lazy Lake.

· Retail Row: Also, players can locate one cake in parking areas.

3 Consume Birthday Cakes from Different Matches (4 times)

There are numerous locations on the map to find birthday cakes. Moreover, participants just have to eat a slice out of the four cakes. Also, by doing this players can receive the reward.

4 Gather resources from Balloon Decoration (50 items)

There are many balloon decorations spread all across the map. Also, to complete this task players have to collect fifty of these decorations.

Fortnite Birthday Quests: All Fortnite’s 4th Birthday rewards

Players can receive exciting rewards after completing the Fortnite birthday challenges. The complete list of Fortnite’s Birthday rewards is given below:

·        Hooplah Hammer (Harvesting Equipment)
·        4 Me??? (Back Bling)
·        4? Score! (Emotican)

So, participate in Fortnite Birthday challenges to secure amazing Fortnite’s 4th Birthday rewards.

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