PrestonPlayz in Minecraft: The Multi-Talented YouTuber

All the details related to the very Famous Preston a.k.a. PrestonPlayz in Minecraft World are given below.

PrestonPlayz in Minecraft
PrestonPlayz in Minecraft

PrestonPlayz in Minecraft: The Minecraft Community contains a lot of talented players all around the world. Some may be excellent at the Gameplay, Some may be Great at entertaining the audience, others can be the best in the content creation. However, in the end only the content matters. So, keeping this in mind, here is one of the greatest Minecraft creators in the world. We are talking about the PrestonPlays in Minecraft.

PrestonPlays in Minecraft is a YouTuber. He has one of the biggest youtube channels when it comes to gaming and content creation. This YouTuber has ultimate skills related to content creation and literally, Millions of people love his work.

Who is PrestonPlayz:-

Preston Blaine Arsement is the real name of PrestonPlayz. He was born on May 4, 1994. Now he is 27 years old. He is also known as TBNRFrags and PrestonPlayz in Minecraft. Preston, an American YouTuber, is known for his prank videos and challenges on Youtube, as well as for his Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, and Among Us gaming content.

He currently lives in Dallas, Texas. Preston is married to fellow YouTuber Brianna and living a very wonderful life.  PrestonPlayz in Minecraft is part of the group: The Pack. The abbreviation TBNR in his username, “The Best Never Rest” is the abbreviated forTBNRfrags. His 2 friends were his friends before he started youtube. PrestonPlayz in Minecraft and his 2 friends are Members of the TBNR Squad.

PrestonPlayz in Minecraft Championship:-

Noxcrew organizes a Minecraft Tournament popularly recognized as Minecraft CHampionship in which 10 teams of four compete in a series of 8 minigames decided by the participants. As each round passes, a point multiplier increases the points as compared to the previous round.

It is because of this point multiplier, teams have to vote for the games they are weak at in the very beginning. Then there is the last round “Dodgebolt” where the two last teams have to face each other. They decide the winner with this round. Moreover, the team that wins the last round can be the team with fewer points as compared to the runner-ups.

So, PrestonPlayz in Minecraft Championship played with certain teams. Here is the detail:

  • MC Championships 15: He was in the Team Blue Bats. Teaming with FWhip, Quig, and SmallishBeans. He came at 12th position as an individual and his team got 4th position in the ChampionShip.
  • MC Championships 16: This time he was in the Team Cyan Creepers. He was teamed with PearlescentMoon, PeteZahHutt, and Spifey. This time he made 22nd placing as an individual and got 8th position with the team.

PrestonPlayz in Minecraft Servers:-

Currently, Preston has numerous amount of mini-games and servers for Minecraft. He has a server, CosmicPvP, along MrWoofless. He opened the server in 2014. Moreover, he has many game modes too, Such as:-

  • Factions.
  • HCF.
  • KitPvP.
  • Skywars.
  • Party Games.
  • Bedwars.
  • Fallout Planet.
  • Ice Planets.

PrestonPlayz in Minecraft Milestones:-

Preston has made serious success in his currier. He has reached certain positions where the people dream to be. Moreover, he has 7 separate channels with plenty of subscribers. Here are the milestones he crossed with his Channel- PrestonPlayz in Minecraft:


  • 100k subscribers: On October 3, 2018 (Silver Play Button).
  • 1M subscribers: On March 10, 2019 (Golden Play Button).
  • 2M subscribers: On July 22, 2019.
  • 3M subscribers: On November 17, 2019.
  • 4M subscribers: On January 27, 2020.
  • 5M subscribers: On April 1, 2020.
  • 6M subscribers: On May 28, 2020.
  • 7M subscribers: On July 27, 2020.
  • 8M subscribers: On October 17, 2020.
  • 9M subscribers: On January 20, 2021.
  • 10M  subscribers: On April 29, 2021 (Diamond Play Button).
  • 11M subscribers: On September 14, 2021.

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