Fortnite New Trap: All About Armored Wall Trap

Fortnite Armored Walls
Fortnite Armored Walls

Fortnite Armored Walls: The Fortnite new trap is the recent protection materials added by Epics to the game. Moreover, these come as part of its arsenal update. Surprisingly, these protective materials are armored walls that give an illusion of a trap.

To get the hands-on Fortnite new trap users to have to first start a match. Then they have to travel all across the map to get an armored wall. Furthermore, Fortnite new trap comes with an amazing mechanism. Through this new technique, users can cover themselves immediately.

What is Fortnite New Trap Armored Walls?


Well, the new armored walls in Fortnite are protective substances. To be more precise, these are walls. Using these barriers players can easily escape enemies’ bullets. Players can construct a protective shield around themselves by Fortnite new trap.

Where to Locate Fortnite New Trap on The Map?

Armored walls are widespread all across the map. Some people are confused about finding them in the chests. But there are no such walls available in the chests. So, it is a mare waste of time searching them inside the boxes.

Moreover, they are present in Supply Drops. Also, these new armored traps spawn on the floor. It is a very good decision to use these walls as they can easily deflect the shots from the opponents.

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Fortnite New Armored Walls Features: All to Know

Talking about the strengths of the armored wall then it can effortlessly withstand the damage of 25,000. In addition to this, if players use any proper root to employ them then it provides much more protection.

Moreover, it comes with a maximum stack of twenty. It has equipped time of 1.5. Players can place it on the buildings of enemies. Furthermore, armored walls are easy to position on any building.

Players can easily sit behind these walls. Bullets cannot penetrate through these barriers. One can easily rest for a while beneath them. It is good to spend some time here to think about the next steps in the game.

Fortnite new trap armored walls are available during the matches. Players can their hands on these protective barriers from September 21, 2021. It is very easy to use armored traps just like any other trap in Fortnite. First, find one armored wall. Then construct a structure out of it. Then again locate a new trap and place it on the existing one. So, try these new traps to protect yourself from enemies shots.

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