Fortnite Balenciaga Quests: Complete And Easy Guide

Fortnite Balenciaga Quests
Fortnite Balenciaga Quests

Fortnite Balenciaga Quests have new challenges under Fortnite Balenciaga collaboration. These new allies have got four different outfits for the users. Moreover, players can grab these amazing outfits from Fortnite’s item shop.

Well, Epics has introduced a completely new set of challenges under the Fortnite Balenciaga collaboration. These challenges are put forward to celebrate their new alliance with Balenciaga.

Fortnite Balenciaga Quests: All You Need To Know

Fortnite Balenciaga Collaboration
Fortnite Balenciaga Collaboration

The new set of quests is very interesting and intriguing too. Although all of the new items under the Fortnite Balenciaga collaboration are already present in the item shop. Players can easily get their hands on these outfits via V-bucks. They just need to spend some in-game currency to get these skins.

But Fortnite has brought some exciting challenges for the players to help not to burn a hole in their pockets. So, they just need to participate in these tasks to get some accessories. By accomplishing some parameters participants can easily get free rewards.

The complete list of Fortnite Balenciaga quests is given below:

  • Front Emote of Shady Doggo graffiti at places like Retail Row, Sweaty Sands, or Steamy Stacks
  • Obtain Triple S sneakers in the Strange Times Featured Hub

This time players can not earn any XP through these challenges. But the rewards in themselves are worth competing for. However, all of these are active only for a week.

The challenges have already started from September 21, 2021. The last date up to which players can participate is September 28, 2021.

Easy Guide to Complete Fortnite Balenciaga Quests

There are two challenges under the Fortnite Balenciaga collaboration. Moreover, the first one is quite easy to complete. Players can obtain the front emote of Shady Doggo Graffiti at three different places.

These locations are Retail Row, Believer Beach, and Steamy Stacks. In Retail Row, you
can find Graffiti in one of the north-western buildings. In Steamy Stacks, Shady Doggo Graffiti is present in the south in one of the athletics zones.

So, completing the first Fortnite Balenciaga quests is very easy and less time-consuming. So, all you need to do is get an emote. therefore, reach any of these places. Further, you have to perform in front of Graffiti using any emote. As soon as you complete the task immediately you will receive the reward.

The second task asks the players to collect Triple S Sneakers located in Strange Times Creative Hub. furthermore, players have to enter the creative mode to complete this task. Hope, this guide is helpful to complete the above-mentioned challenges.

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