Gorgeous Gorge Locations Fortnite for Diamond Blue Color Tuna Fish

Gorgeous Gorge location Fortnite
Gorgeous Gorge Location Fortnite

Gorgeous Gorge Location in Fortnite: Gorgeous Gorge contains the new Diamond Blue color to alter the Tuna Fish looks in Fortnite Season 8. Once, players reach this location then they can easily switch Tuna fish’s look into crystal blue shade. Furthermore, to get this particular color users require a paintbrush.

In Season 8, Tuna Fish comes as a substitute for Kymera. Moreover, it is a customizable character in the game just like Kymera. To change the color of this fish players need blue ink. This ink is present in the paintbrushes. Furthermore, to get these colorful brushes one has to travel to the Gorgeous Gorge.

Gorgeous Gorge Locations in Fortnite to Unlock Diamond Blue Color For Tuna Fish: Easy Guide

Moreover, to complete the task fully first, you have to reach the Gorgeous Gorge. After this, players have to occupy three diamond blue paint boxes from this particular location. So, the task begins with finding Gorgeous Gorge.

To find Gorgeous Gorge Location in Fortnite, you have to reach Lazy Landmark. Further, travel northwest of this part to get the exact location. There is one good part about the task of switching Tuna Fish color to diamond blue. It is that searchers can easily get all three paint bottles in nearby locations.

How to Find Three Diamond Blue Paint Bottles in Gorgeous Gorge?

It is very easy to find all three paint bottles. This is because you can grab all of them in one go. But still, you can take multiple attempts to collect all the diamond blue bottles in case you are not successful to get all of them in the first attempt.

Let’s start with finding the first paint bottle. It is present at the cliff of a waterfall in Gorgeous Gorge. The second one is a little hard to locate. This is because it is flying in the air. If you jump off the cliff then you can find it midway of your path.

It is hard to collect the second paintbrush. But you can use a glider. Using a glider you can move in the correct direction for the paint bottle. Whereas, the third diamond blue paint bottle is present somewhere at the bottom of the waterfall. You can quickly find it nearby the place you land.

So, when you have successfully graded all three diamond blue paintbrushes. Then you can convert Tuna Fish look to ‘diamond blue’.

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