What Is The Next Bundle Skin in Valorant?

Excited to know about the upcoming bundle skin in Valorant. Know here in detail.

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Sentinels of Light in Valorant

Bundle Skin in Valorant: The Act is going to end in the coming few hours and so is the Recon skin and its bundle. Moreover, according to the tradition of Valorant, a new set of bundle skins will replace the older one. So, which is going to be the next skin in the game?

Know about the bundle skins details of Valorant here.

Release Date Of Next Bundle Skin In Valorant

Next Bundle Skin in Valorant
Bundle of Recon Skin in Valorant

The new Act will be rolled up from 8th September. Furthermore, along with the old Act, the time for the Recon bundle skin will also end. This means players will not be able to buy the skin’s bundle in the future. However, they can buy the single skins when it will arrive in their store.

Coming to the bundle skins, Valorant follows a trend from the initial days. It launches a new set of skins when the time period of the previous one is over. So, which skin is going to replace the Recon skin?

There is also another tradition is Valorant. When a new Act arrives, the developers don’t launch a new bundle of skins. Instead, they release a bundle of skins with some random other skins. Like at the start of the previous season, we saw a bundle for skins in Valorant consist of Reaver Vandal and Tethered Realms operator along with Ion sheriff and knife.

So, basically, the game launches a mixture of skins that were previously released are popular among the players. So, what will be the next bundle skin in Valorant for Act 2 of Episode 3?

What Can We Expect?

Next Bundle Skin in Valorant
We might see a combination of different skins in the upcoming bundle

We can expect another bundle of skins which will be a collection from different other bundles. Moreover, it is possible that the developers might replace a Phantom skin with the Vandal. So, there are possibilities of Elderflame knife, BlasticX Phantom, and Origin Operator along with other sheriff and specter skins.

Bundle Skins Released Till Date

Here is a list of bundle skin released in Valorant in the recent few months:

  • Recon: Valorant Points 7100
  • Sakura: Valorant Points 4270
  • Sentinels of Light: Valorant Points 8700
  • Ruination: Valorant Points 8700
  • Give Back: Valorant Points 6380
  • Origin: Valorant Points 7100
  • Tethered Realms: Valorant Points 7100
  • Minima: Valorant Points 4270
  • Forsaken: Valorant Points 7100
  • Silvanus: Valorant Points 4270
  • Magepunk: Valorant Points 7100
  • Infantry: Valorant Points 2930
  • Prime/2.0: Valorant Points 7100
  • VALORANT Go! Vol. 1: Valorant Points 7100
  • Celestial: Valorant Points 7100

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