When Does Valorant Championship Tour Masters Berlin Start?

Here are all the details about Valorant's upcoming tournament named VCT Masters which will be held in Berlin.

Valorant Championship Tour Masters Berlin Start
VCT Masters Berlin is the second LAN event of Valorant

Valorant Championship Tour Masters Berlin: The Champions Tour which is also known as VCT Masters is now all set to kick off from 10thn September. Moreover, a total of 15 teams will be participating in the tournament from different regions. The winning team will qualify for Valorant Champions which is going to be held in December.

So, here are some additional details about the upcoming VCT Masters tournament.

Valorant Championship Tour Masters Berlin Start Date And Details

Valorant Championship Tour Masters Berlin Start
A total of 15 teams will be playing

This is going to be the second Master’s tournament in the history of Valorant. Previously, the first masters were held in Iceland which was a LAN event. North America-based Team Sentinels won the tournament remaining undefeated. Sentinels have already qualified for the Valorant Champions by winning the first Masters.

There are a total of 15 teams who qualified for the tournament by winning the challengers playoffs for their specific region. Team Bren esports is not taking part in the tournament due to Visa issues.

Team Details VCT Masters

Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin is the final stage tournament for the VCT. Here are team details and their names:

VCT Qualified Teams
Teams who have qualified for VCT Masters Berlin
  • Acend: EMEA Challengers Final
  • SuperMassive Blaze: EMEA Challengers Final
  • Gambit Esports: EMEA Winners
  • G2 Esports: EMEA Challengers Finals
  • Sentinels: NA Challengers Finals
  • 100 Thieves: NA Challengers Finals
  • Envy: NA Challengers Finals
  • Havan Liberty: BR Challenger Finals
  • Vivo Keyd: BR Challenger Finals
  • Vision Strikers: KR Challengers Finals
  • F4Q: KR Challengers Finals
  • Paper Rex: SEA Challengers Finals
  • Crazy Raccoon: JP Challengers Finals
  • ZETA Division: JP Challengers Finals
  • KRU Esports: LATAM Challengers Finals

Crazy Raccoon, Sentinels, and KRU Esports are the only three teams who have played the VCT Iceland and are in VCT Berlin.

The format of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin is a little different from Iceland. Here, all the teams are divided into a group of four each, where the top two teams will qualify for the next round.

A total of 8 teams will be qualifying for the next round. Teams eliminated in the first round will be getting 175 points. Whereas teams finishing on 9th to 12th will be getting 225 circuit points.

The matches will start from 10th September where the first match will be played from 06:30 PM. Furthermore, all the matches will be played from 06:30, 09:30, or from 12:30.

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