COD Mobile Season 7 Buffs And Nerfs: All Weapon Changes And Details

Follow up on this article to know all of the buffs and nerfs weapon changes made in the COD Mobile Season 7.

COD Mobile Season 7
COD Mobile Season 7

COD Mobile Season 7 Buffs And Nerfs: The brand new season of COD Mobile is already live and the new season features several weapon changes along with additional features. Therefore, follow up on this article to know all of the COD Mobile Season 7 Buffs And Nerfs changes.

After succeeding and receiving immense support from the players beyond season 6 of COD Mobile. The players and the developers are merrily excited and hyped for Season 7 of COD Mobile naming Elite of The Elite. 

Moreover, as every season brings a variety of new features, season 7 also complies with various new additions in the game simultaneously.

Also, apart from the additions, the new season even concludes several weapons changes made to the game. Therefore, here are the details regarding all the weapon changes.

COD Mobile Season 7 Buffs And Nerfs:

Season 7 is already live and like every season the new season also offers several new features. Also, the new season has deployed several weapon changes in a total of seven weapons overall. Therefore, all of the changes are listed below.


Fennec Changes:

  • Increased Reload time by 10%
  • Increased Vertical Recoil by 10%
  • Slightly decreased the damage range of the gun
  • The damage on limbs without any attachment has decreased
  • Meanwhile, the damage multiplier on the abdomen without any attachment has increased.

LK24 Changes:

  • The Hip fire accuracy and damage multiplier on the chest without any attachment have increased.
  • The Horizontal recoil without any attachment has decreased.
  • Decreased the ADS Bullet Speed when no attachment is equipped or when equipped with YKM Light Stock, YKM Combat Stock, and MIP Strike Stock.

Type 25 Changes:

  • The hit flinch has decreased when equipped with RTC Steady Stock.
  • Decreased the horizontal recoil when equipped with the RTC Steady Stock.

Shorty Changes:

  • The damage range has decreased when no attachment has equipped or when equipped with Marauder Suppressor.
  • The ADS Bullet Speed without any attachment has increased.

Holger 26 Changes:

  • The movement speed and damage range have decreased without any attachment.
  • The ADS time has increased when equipped when no stock is equipped and when equipped with MIP Light Barrel (short), MIP light or YKM Combat stock.
  • Decreased the ADS time and increased movement speed when equipped with Holger – 26K Double – Stack Carbine Mag and the Holger – 26C Lightweight Polymer Mag.

Meanwhile, the damage multiplier on the chest has increased when equipped with no attachment in RUS-79U. And, the movement speed and reload speed has decreased in AS VAL when equipped with Large Extended Mag B.

Also, the new season brings two brand new weapons naming Hades LMG and Crossbow. Moreover, season 7 even features the collaboration of COD Mobile with a famous singer Ozuna.

Consequently, the forthcoming season even offers various other features throughout the whole season!

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