VCC Finals: Velocity Gaming Lost Against Team Exploit

Here are the match results for Vlocity gaming vs Team Exploit. Both teams faced each other in VCC Finals.

VCC Finals Velocity Gaming
Match Results of VCC

Velocity Gaming lost their first match at the VCC finals in the second round against Team Exploit. Moreover, the match was a best of three where the Pakistani team won by 2-1. Velocity gaming lost the first map and made an insane comeback in the second. However, team Exploit sealed the deal by winning the third map. Now, Velocity will have to win their next match against Exceeli esports in order to remain in the competition.

So, here are all the details of Valorant Conqueror Championship matches that took place including the match report of Velocity Gaming and Team Exploit.

Velocity Gaming VCC Finals: Last Chance To Remain In Competition

VCC Finals Velocity Gaming
Velocity Gaming roaster

This is the first loss of Velocity I the Valorant Conqueror Championship. Furthermore, they have one more chance to qualify for the bracket matches. They will face Bangladesh’s squad Exceeli esports in the decisive match. The winner of the match will qualify for the Bracket matches and the losing team will end their journey of VCC.

Velocity faced Exceeli esports in the first match where they defeated them by 2-0 in a dominating way. However, they will try to repeat the performance as Velocity gaming are one of the favourites to win the VCC finals.

Team Exploit showcased a brilliant performance to defeat the winners of the first qualifier of India. Moreover, Velocity aging dominated the second map of ascent but lost the match by 2-1. In the first map of Icebox, Team Exploit tasted the victory after getting a tough fight from Velocity. Moreover, in the second round, the Pakistani was completely dominated. However, they manage to win the third round in order to qualify for the bracket matches.

Team Exploit is now the first team to qualify for the Bracket matches of VCC finals.

Match Report

Match 1: Bind

Score: 13-10 Team Exploit

Top Kills: Mw1 (27 kills with Jett)

Match 2: Ascent

Score: 13-1 Velocity Gaming

Top Kills: Mw1 (19 kills with Jett)

Match 3: Breeze

Score: 13-9 Team Liquid

Top Kills: Shooter (30 kills with Skye)

Other Matches of VCC Finals

VCC Match Schedule
VCC Match Schedule

Now Velocity gaming will face Team Exceeli on 22nd August in the VCC Finals. Moreover, in another match of the VCC finals, two Indian teams will compete against each other to qualify for the bracket matches. Moreover, Global esports will face Enigma Gaming where the winning team will qualify for the Bracket matches.

A total of three Indian teams are competing in the Valorant Conqueror Championship as of now. All three teams are in the competition. Here are the match schedule:

22nd August

Global Esports vs Enigma Gaming: 02:00 PM

Velocity Gaming vs Exceeli Esports: 04:30 PM

Salt Esports vs Global Esports/Enigma Gaming: 07:0 PM

All the matches will be streamed on the official Youtube channel of Nodwin Gaming.

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