Why is Rocket League Moving to Unreal Engine 5? Find Out Here

Rocket League will soon join Unreal Engine 5 to build it from scratch again. UE5 has attracted a lot of games even besides Rocket League, so you can expect more such games to move to UE5 as well. Find out the list below.

rocket league unreal engine 5

Rocket League Unreal Engine 5: The well-known Rocket League, a game from Psyonix, will be moving to UE5 very soon. However shocking this might sound, they’ll actually have to build to the game back from null. Find out the reasons why they’re making the decision and when this will happen.

What Version of Unreal Engine does Rocket League use right now?

Apparently, Psyonix uses Unreal Engine 3 currently. This makes it harder for them to manage their updates. A job post from Psyonix suggested their ‘move to UE5‘ for a long-term project. You can see the claim from Psyonix from the tweet that said that they’re moving to UE5:

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So, When is Rocket League making its move to Unreal Engine 5?

rocket league ue5

It is still unknown when Rocket League will start its path on Unreal Engine 5. But one thing we can all be certain about is that it is not going to be before November 2021. After the end of its fourth season, the team may focus on its big move. Of course, it will be gradual and will take a lot of time before they can actually develop the game significantly well.

Why is Rocket Leauge Moving to UE5?

The exact reasons are unknown and Psyonix hasn’t yet made anything official. The only claim they’re making so far is Rocket League will actually be moving to Unreal Engine 5, but it’s a really long-term project. At least it won’t be in 2021 itself. And yes, they’ll move to UE5 scaling their project from zero again.

Although, one thing they can ensure is better graphics, stability, and flexibility with Unreal Engine 5. If you watch the preview of Unreal Engine 5 early access, it will really amaze you.

Moreover, Unreal Engine 3 is not bad, but it will become less relevant to other games sooner or later. It is definitely a strong competitor for games. But this could hamper the huge updates that keep coming to Rocket League.

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What Other Games will be moving to Unreal Engine 5?

Apart from Rocket League, many other games have made claims to move to UE5. And it’s not astonishing since Unreal Engine 5 has shown such an awe-inspiring trailer. The list of the games moving to UE5 are:

  • Fortnite
  • Gears of War
  • Black Myth: Wuklong
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl
  • State of Decay 3

So, this is all we know until now about Rocket League moving to Unreal Engine 5. If you have any more information regarding the same, please comment down below to let everyone know about it. We will make sure to keep you updated on more such news from Rocket League in the future.

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