Juice WRLD Fortnite Concert: All You Need To Know

The Rift Tour is going to start on August 6 and fans are expecting Juice WRLD in Fortnite. So, here are all the details about the upcoming event.

Juice WRLD Fortnite Concert
Juice WRLD Event to be added in rift tour?

Juice WRLD Fortnite Concert: Fortnite is famous for its addition of new content in the game. Moreover, season 7 of Chapter 2 is coming to an end and there are a lot of new additions in the game. The game has already announced the Rift our in the game. The leaks suggest that Superstar Ariana Grande will feature in the Rift Tour Concert of Fortnite. However, the rumors also suggest that we might witness Juice WRLD too.

So, here are all the details about the concert and Rift Tour happening in the game.

Addition of Juice WRLD Fortnite Concert in Rift Tour?

Juice WRLD Fortnite Concert
Juice WRLD Come and Go in Fortnite?

Epic Games have already announced the Rift Tour will start from 6th August. Furthermore, they have also released skins for Ariana Grande which gives a leak that the star will appear at the concert. Moreover, it is said that a total of five stars will appear at the event.

The event looks exciting and fans are eagerly waiting for this. Moreover, Fortnite has made the game very popular by adding interesting content to the game. We witnessed an alien invasion in the game in season 7 of chapter 2 and the players loved it. Now, the game is all set to host an event in the game featuring some superstars.

Fans are expecting a Juice WRLD concert in Fortnite which is Juice WRLD Come & Go ft. Marshmello. However, the announcement is not made official yet and this is just a demand from the fans. Maybe we can expect the event later in the future.

Ariana Grande in Fortnite

Ariana Grande Fortnite
Ariana will be appearing in the game at the Rift Tour

For now, Ariana Grande is going to join the fans in the game. Furthermore, she will be the star performer at the Rift Tour event in Fortnite. There will be a total of five live shows in the game starting from 6th August. Fans are asked to join the event 1 hour before the start time as the playlist will go live 30 minutes before.

Epic Games have announced that there will be one superstar in the concert. For now, she is Ariana Grande and there are no announcements regarding the Juice WRLD concert in Fortnite.

So, we might expect the concert in the future and for now, Ariana is going to appear on the Rift Tour.

Epic Games Announcement

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