Mourinho Fortnite: Current Roma Manager Calls The Game ‘A Nightmare’

The football manager blames Fortnite which makes his player stay up all night. Here are all the details.

Mourinho Fortnite
Roma Manager shared his thoughts on Fortnite

Mourinho Fortnite: José Mourinho is the current manager of Italian club Roma and is well known for his bold statements. Moreover, he is famous for his sayings and the words he selects. In a recent report, he was asked about his opinion on Fortnite and he came up with an insane reply.

So, here are all the details about Mourinho and how he came up with the statement.

Mourinho Fortnite: Who is José Mourinho?

Mourinho Fortnite
He is currently managing Italian club Roma

José is a Portuguese manager who is currently in charge of Roma. Furthermore, he is one of the most decorated managers in the world and has won almost every trophy on the Club level. He has managed teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Tottenham Hotspurs in past. He joined Roma this season and it will be his second spell in Italy.

Mourinho has won several trophies including the Champions League and Europa League. He is considered one of the best managers in Chelsea history. Mourinho recently dropped his thought about the famous battle royale game Fortnite.

Why José Blamed Fortnite?

As we mentioned earlier, it is his first season at Roma. Additionally, the social handles of Roma dropped a video of Mourinho playing rapid-fire. He was asked about Fortnite and he answered ‘a nightmare to the game.

Mourinho blames Fortnite because players stay up all night playing the game. He said, “football players, they stay up all night playing that s**t, and the next day they have a game!”

Mourinho was the manager of English club Tottenham Hotspurs last season. Moreover, it was said that one of Spurs players Delle Alli plays Fortnite too much. Also, the relationship between Mourinho and Alli was not good as there were several rumors of Alli leaving. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Mourinho blames Fortnite for making his players wake up.

Football Players Who Play Fortnite

There are several players in Football who like the game. Antoine Griezmann is a French striker who plays for Barcelona and his goal celebration are mostly Fortnite emotes. Also, Fortnite has skins of famous Brazilian player Neymar in the game. Here is a list of players who play the game with the stream link.

  • Sergio Agüero: Twitch Link
  • Dele Alli:Twitch Link
  • Neymar
  • Mesut Ozil
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • Antoine Griezmann
  • Sergi Roberto
  • Dani Carvajal

Jose Mourinho has managed Dele Alli, Zlatan and Carvajal in the past and they are the players who are seen playing Fortnite most of the time.

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