Velocity Gaming Wins The Esports Club Gauntlet Season 1

Velocity Gaming won the first season of TEC Gauntlet. Here are all the details of the match.

Velocity Gaming TEC Gauntlet Champions
Season 1 Champions of TEC Gauntlet

Velocity Gaming TEC Gauntlet Champions: Gauntlet Season 1 organized by The Esports Club also known as TEC has finally came to an end. The tournament started on 28th May and lasted for more than two months. In the final match, Velocity Gaming defeated Global esports by 3-2 and were crowned as Champions.

Here are all the details about the final match and how the event shaped up.

Velocity Gaming TEC Gauntlet Champions: Everything You Need To Know

Velocity Gaming TEC Gauntlet Champions
One of the longest-running Valorant tournament

The event was shaped up into three different stages. At first, Open qualifiers were conducted where 256 battled each other in BO1. The Round of 32 was the Best of 5. Moreover, the top 16 teams marched to the next round where they were divided into four groups. After the second round, the top four teams from each group marched to the main event.

The main event started on 24th July where 8 teams fought to make it into the finals. Earlier, Global esports defeated Velocity gaming in the upper bracket and sent Velocity into the lower bracket. However, Velocity gaming worked their mistakes and won the finals of TEC Gauntlet season 1 and took away the massive prize money of Rs. 5 lakhs.

The final match was a best of 5 where Velocity Gaming defeated Global esports in the final map. The score was even by 2-2 and the winner was decided into the last map of Split.

Maps And Score

All the five maps of Valorant were played in the finals. The first map was Bind which was picked by Velocity gaming but Global esports managed to win the map by 13-8. Furthermore, SK Rossi was the star man for Global esports as he grabbed 29 kills.

The second map was played on Icebox where Velocity became the winner. It was the start of the comeback for Velocity as they won back-to-back two maps.

Velocity Gaming won Icebox, Breeze, and Split to win the Gauntlet Season 1. Moreover, MW1 was the top fragger for Velocity as he grabbed 95 kills in all 5 maps. Also, Amaterasu managed to pick up 92 kills. But the top fragger of the match was SK Rossi as he got 116 kills. However, it ended up on the losing side.


  • Score: 13-8
  • Top Fragger: SK Rossi (29 kills)
  • Winner: Global Esports


  • Score: 13-6
  • Top Fragger: SK Rossi (18 kills)
  • Winner: Velocity Gaming


  • Score: 13-11
  • Top Fragger: SK Rossi, MW1, Hellf (24 Kills)
  • Winner: Velocity Gaming


  • Score: 13-10
  • Top Fragger: SK Rossi (30 kills)
  • Winner: Global Esports


  • Score: 13-11
  • Top Fragger: Amaterasu (24 kills)
  • Winner: Velocity Gaming

So, this was the summary of Velocity Gaming vs Global esports where Velocity won the TEC Gauntlet Season 1.

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