Ex-TSM BGMI Lineup To Join Team Liquid?

A popular name in esports is around the news to enter the Indian gaming scene with an ex-TSM BGMI lineup. How much is the information true? Let's find out in the article below.

Ex-TSM BGMI Lineup
Team Liquid can acquire a BGMI lineup in India

American organization Team SoloMid is also known as TSM has recently revealed their new lineup for Battlegrounds Mobile India, BGMI. Their former BGMI lineup, earlier in collaboration with Entity Gaming, is now linked with a popular name TeamLiquid. Also, rumors about the ex-TSM lineup joining GodLike Esports are around the corner. What exactly is up there in the future for the Ex-TSM Entity players? Scroll down to know more.

Ex-TSM Lineup Collaborating with Team Liquid: Rumors or True?

Ex-TSM BGMI Lineup Jonthan, Clutchgod, Ghatak, Neyoo, new team?
Liquid to collaborate with GodL?

The squad of ex-TSM includes star players like Clutchgod, Ghatak, Jonathan, Zgod, and Neyo. Furthermore, a new member Spower is seen playing in the scrims with the team. Spower is a former member of Godlike esports but is currently playing regular scrims with the ex-TSM roaster.

There are no official announcements regarding the joining of Spower in the squad of Ex-TSM BGMI Lineup. In recent times, SPower was seen playing scrims with “Liquid” as a prefix.

Team Liquid is an esports organization from Europe which has teams in Valorant and other games. As per our sources, it is possible that the ex-TSM BGMI lineup can join Team Liquid in the future. SPower can be the 5th man for the lineup, say our sources.

GodLike Esports Leaks: New Team for Jonathan, Zgod, Ghatak, Neyo, and Clutchgod?

The team is heavily linked with GodLike Esports too. Additionally, GodL released their previous roaster to hire a new one. During the YouTube live streaming, Kronten (owner of GodLike Esports) said that there will be a total of three lineups for GodL. One squad will be a girl lineup, the second one is his own, and the third one is a professional lineup for competitive.

So, it can’t be denied that the ex-TSM bgmi lineup can join GodLike Esports. Moreover, Spower also confirmed that the announcement will be made in the upcoming weeks which will clear all the things.

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