How To Change Your Name on Valorant?

Change Your Name on Valorant
Players can change their name free of cost

Change Your Name on Valorant: Riot’s Valorant allows players to change their name every after 30 days. Moreover, unlike other games, there is no requirement of cards or spending any extra money to change their name. The game also allows players to keep the same name which makes it easier for players. Additionally, players can also change their tag in Valorant by the same method.

So, here are all the details if you need to edit and keep a new name for yourself in Valorant.

Change Your Name On Valorant: Everything You Need To Know

Visit the official website to sign in
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Riot launched the game back in 2020 and it has become of the most popular games across the world. Furthermore, most of the streamers, including Shroud have expressed their love for this game. So, this 5 vs 5 tactical shootout game has overcome every other game and is currently everyone’s favorite.

To change your name on Valorant players need to visit the official website of Riot and log in there. Moreover, the game doesn’t allow its players to change their name in the game itself. Players are required to log in and they can change every detail including the name and email.

As mentioned earlier, players can change their names from the Website and can keep the same name as other players. Furthermore, the only requirement to keep the same name is the tag should be different. There is a four-digit numerical code with a hashtag which is automatically generated by Riot.

The process to Change Name

Change Valorant Tag
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Step-1: Open the Website of Riot sign-up and log in with your account details.

Step-2: There you will find your account details, including the email, Date of birth, and password.

Step-3: Click on the name section and rename it.

Step-4: Click on Save Changes

By following this method you have will be able to successfully change your name on Valorant.

What is Tag And How To Change It?

Tag is a 4 digit code that should not be similar to any other players. Moreover, you can change your tag along with your name on Valorant. The tag can be any digit in numerical or alphabetical up to 5 words.

To change the tag follow the same process and edit the tag section instead of the name.

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