Valorant Public Beta Environment: How To Sign Up?

Know how to Sign up for the Public Beta Environment for Valorant here. Get all the details on the PBE and how you can sign up for it over here.

Valorant Public Beta Environment
Agent Viper in Valorant

Riot has recently launched their new beta testing which is named as Public beta environment also known as PBE. Moreover, the beta is only available for few players based in NA. Also, there are some criteria players need to fulfill in order to sign up for the Valorant Public Beta.

So, here are all the details you need to know about the beta testing of Valorant and how it works.

Valorant Public Beta Environment: All You Need To Know

Valorant Public Beta Environment
Agent Killjoy

Valorant releases their updates more often. Recently, they rolled up their new update 3.01 with some new changes. Furthermore, players always complain that there are several bugs that come along with these updates. Most of these bugs are related to the agent’s abilities.

So, to tackle this Valorant released their Public beta environment which is famously known as PBE. Moreover, the public beta will only be available sometimes. Also, it is given only to few players who are based in the NA region. However, most of these players are either creators or developers.

This will help Valorant to work closely with their players and the bugs will be fixed soon. Furthermore, the PBE will come before the rolling up of an update. It is also said that it will not be always available. So, players can only use the public beta in Valorant before an update.

How It Works, How To Sign Up?

Currently, the testing is only available in the NA region, and players from this region can sign up for this. Moreover, Valorant released a statement quoting that they will be soon releasing the PBE for more regions.

Mainly the Public beta of Valorant will help the developers to fix the bugs soon. Also, there are many bugs in the game for a long time and they are still not in the eyes of the developers.

To sign up for the PBE in Valorant there are certain criteria players need to fulfill. Players based in North America can register for the PBE.

  • No bans or restrictions
  • The player must belong to the eligible region

If you fulfill these criteria visit the Official Website of Valorant PBE or Public Beta Environment to sign up.

Registration Link

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