Free Fire Owner Name: Forrest Li & More

Free Fire is one of the most recent trending games in the world. Recently, it emerged as one of the big battle royal games. So, today we will reveal the Free Fire Owner name i.e Who invented Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is also called Free Fire Battlegrounds is one of the most famous Mobile battle Royale games. 111dots Studio developed Free Fire.  Garena published it. According to the reports, Free Fire was one of the most downloaded games in 2019. It has also won the best Esport Mobile Game of the Year. in 2020.

Free Fire Owner Name Who Invented Free Fire?
Free Fire Owner Name

Garena Free Fire has attracted a huge number of audiences with many collaborations and Tournaments around the world. Let’s discuss the developers and Owner of Free Fire.

Free Fire Owner Name i.e Who Invented Free Fire?

So, the Free Fire owner’s name is Forrest Li. The Owner and founder of Garena Free Fire is Forrest Xiaodong Li. Mainly, Li is a Chinese-born Singapore Billionaire Businessman. As we told you, the Developers of Garena are 111dots Studio.

More About Free Fire Owner:

Basically, Forrest Li is a Chinese-born Singaporean Billionaire Businessman. He is the Founder of two companies. The companies are Shopee and Garena. Previously, We knew Garena as SEA. Forrest Li is an engineering graduate of Shanghai Jiaotong University. He is also an MBA Graduate from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Forrest Xiaodong Li is a big Football fan. he is also a supporter of FC Barcelona and Arsenal F.C. Moreover, Li is a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. We all saw the Recent Global Collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo on December 7th last year. The collab name is Operation Chrono. I think you have got the Free Fire Owner Name now.

More About Shopee:

Shopee is a Singaporean Multinational Technology company. Basically, it is an e-commerce company. The Headquarters is under Sea which was previously known as Garena. The Sea was first Launched in 2015. Moreover, SEA was the first Mobile-centric marketplace in Singapore. Where Users can sell and buy products online.

About Garena:

Garena is a Singapore game developer company. It is also the publisher of Free Fire. Moreover, it is also the parent company of Garena Sea Limited. Garena Was found by Forrest Li. However, Li founded Garena back in 2009, it launched Free Fire in 2017.

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